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Horticulture Technology

Associate of Applied Science

PURPOSE: The Horticulture Technology program is designed to prepare students for a wide range of horticulture careers. Training is available for those who seek to begin a career track, and those who are changing careers. Individuals already in the green industry are invited to improve or upgrade their skills and knowledge with appropriate courses.

OCCUPATIONAL OBJECTIVES: The program offers hands-on laboratory work and classroom instruction in the design-install-maintain aspects of landscaping, in floral design, and in production of horticultural materials. Many of our graduates own and operate their own businesses, while others are employed by corporate, commercial, or governmental entities.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: General college curricular admission

PROGRAM NOTES: Students in the Horticulture Technology program must complete a basic core of specified horticulture technology and general education courses. In addition, in consultation with the program head, the students will select technical courses that match their career objectives.

Students who already have a two-year, four-year, or graduate degree should request that their transcripts be sent to the college registrar if transfer credit is desired. It is strongly recommended that students meet with the program head or counselor either before registering or early in their first semester of study.

COMPUTER COMPETENCY REQUIREMENT: Students in this program will meet the college’s computer competency requirement by successfully completing ITE 115. Students can also meet this requirement by passing the college’s computer competency exam, administered in the testing centers on each campus, in which case they will receive college credit for ITE 115. Students not passing the computer competency exam may retake the exam only once.

CURRICULUM SEQUENCE: The curriculum sequence that follows is one example of how courses may be completed. Students should work with their program advisor to determine the most appropriate sequence.






SDV 100

College Success Skills



ENG 111 College Composition I 3


MTH 1111 Basic Technical Mathematics 3


HRT 110 Principles of Horticulture 3


______2 Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3


HRT 106 Practical Horticulture 1


HRT 127 Horticultural Botany 3


ENG 112 College Composition II 3


ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts 3


______2 Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3


HRT 1253 Chemicals in Horticulture 3


______4 Health/Personal Wellness Elective 2


HRT 2015 Landscape Plant Materials I 3


______6 HRT Elective 3


______7 HRT Elective 3


______8 HRT Elective 3


______9 HRT Elective 3


HRT 20210 Landscape Plant Materials II 3


______11 Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3


HRT 29012 Coordinated Internship 2


______13 HRT Elective 3


______14 HRT Elective 3


______15 HRT Elective 3


______16 HRT Elective 3


Horticulture Technology Associate of Applied Science 66


1  Or MTH 130

2  ECO 201, ECO 120, ECO 202, GEO 200, GEO 225

3  Or HRT 135

4  DIT 121, HLT 106, HLT 215, PED 116

5  Part I of II

6  HRT 115, HRT 130, HRT 260, HRT 275, HRT 285

7  HRT 134, HRT 122, HRT 205, HRT 266, HRT 269

8  HRT 115, HRT 238, HRT 268, HRT 227, HRT 285

9  HRT 115, HRT 121, HRT 239, HRT 249, HRT 275

10 Part II of II

11 ART 100, ART 106, MUS 121, PHI 101

12 Student commitment is 160 hours regardless of the semester enrolled.

13 HRT 205, HRT 227, HRT 239, HRT 260, HRT 269

14 HRT 119, HRT 121, HRT 238, HRT 266, HRT 285

15 HRT 122, HRT 134, HRT 205, HRT 268, HRT 269

16 HRT 119, HRT 121, HRT 130, HRT 227, HRT 249


Name Program Email Phone
David Seward Horticulture AAS DSeward@reynolds.edu 804/523-5946


Common Job Titles1: Accredited Farm Manager (AFM); Aquaculture Cooperative Marketing Director; Aquaculture Director; Aquaculture Program Director; Cash Crop Farmer; Dairy Farmer; Facility Operations Manager; Farm Manager; Farm Operations Technical Director; Farm Operator; Farmer; Fish Hatchery Manager; Garden Center Manager; Grain Farmer; Greenhouse Manager; Grower; Harvesting Manager; Hatchery Manager; Hatchery Supervisor; Horticulturist; Nursery Manager; Perennial House Manager; Production Manager; Propagation Manager; Ranch Manager; Rancher; Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Specialist; Shellfish Manager; Sow Farm Manager

Labor Market Statistics (Richmond, MSA)

Projected Employment (2029): 1,063

Current Wage Range (Entry - Experienced): $52,800 - $95,000

Common Job Titles1: Field Manager; Golf Course Superintendent; Grounds Crew Supervisor; Grounds Foreman; Grounds Maintenance Supervisor; Grounds Manager; Grounds Supervisor; Groundskeeper Supervisor; Landscape Manager; Landscape Supervisor

Labor Market Statistics (Richmond, MSA)

Projected Employment (2029): 796

Current Wage Range (Entry - Experienced): $35,200 - $50,700

Bright Outlook Bright Outlook occupations are expected to have rapid growth over the next 10-years (employment increase of 10% or more in the Richmond, MSA over the period of 2019-2029) or are expected to have a high demand (projected to have 750 or more job openings in the Richmond, MSA over the period of 2019-2029).

Green Occupation "Green occupations will likely change as a result of the green economy. Green economy activities and technologies are increasing the demand for occupations, shaping the work and worker requirements needed for occupational performance, or generating new and emerging occupations." -- O*NET

1 This program may prepare you for one or more of the listed jobs; however, graduates may not be qualified for all of the jobs listed in this section.

Reynolds Community College makes every attempt to provide students with the best, most accurate information possible. The data was sourced from external agencies (O*NET and JobsEQ) on January 29, 2020.