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These programs are designed for both direct and non-direct patient care professionals. Direct patient care professionals include nurses, emergency medical services technicians, opticians, and respiratory therapists. Professionals who are not directly involved in patient care are medical laboratory technicians, health information specialists, and medical records coders, and perform a wide variety of functions related to emerging technologies, sample or data analysis, providing and reporting patient information, and maintaining health care records.

Under the supervision of healthcare professionals, entry-level nurse aides, healthcare technicians, dental assistants, and pharmacy technicians also provide assistance to patients as members of the health care team. Training programs generally can be completed in a shorter time-frame and require less academic coursework than other health care professional positions. Health care positions are highly regulated and may require state and/or national certifications and/or licensure. With additional education, entry-level aides and technicians can move up the ladder of health care professional positions. Further advancement within the profession may require additional training and/or degrees.

AAS Associate of Applied Science | AA Associate of Arts | AS Associate of Science | C Certificate | CSC Career Studies Certificate