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Department of Police

Parking & Shuttle

Parking Decals

The procedures in obtaining a parking decal are as follows:

  1. Access online form
  2. Complete the form and all required fields
  3. Parking Decal(s) can be picked up at your primary campus location at the Department of Police office within 5 business days or at the designated ID locations as scheduled above.
  4. You must provide a current class schedule and identification
Assistance in obtaining parking decal applications are available at the Department of Police Office locations upon request.

If you experience any problems with your ID card allowing access into/from the DTC parking garage, please contact the Parking Manager located on the first level of the parking garage adjacent to the cashier booth or via telephone at (804) 523-5465. 

All individuals parking at the Downtown Campus without a current ID card and parking decal will be charged the posted parking fees.  

Decals are used college-wide and must be properly displayed in one of two locations on your vehicle:

  • On the rear bumper
  • Outside the rear window

It is the vehicle operator's responsibility to ensure that an official Reynolds parking decal is current and properly displayed on the vehicle at all times. Failure to display a current decal may result in your vehicle being towed at the owner's expense. Parking decals are issued by the Department of Police at each campus. Issuing dates will be announced for each semester.

Reynolds issues three types of parking decals:

  • Full-Time Faculty & Staff
  • Part-Time Faculty & Staff
  • Student

Parking Decals for Faculty and Staff
The procedures to obtain a parking decal are as follows:

  • Access the online form
  • Complete the online form and all required fields
  • Parking Decal(s) will be sent to you by interdepartmental mail or may be picked up at your primary campus location at the Department of Police office within 5 business days. Employees will receive a hanging decal that does not expire until termination of employment.

Parking Regulations

Need to appeal a parking citation?                  
Right of Appeal Application

Need to appeal a Customer Shortage Citation? 
Customer Shortage Appeal Form

  • No parking is permitted in handicapped designated areas except as approved by DMV.
  • No parking is permitted in yellow painted areas or any other area, which is not marked with a line to indicate parking.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to occupy two parking spaces.
  • No parking is permitted in the loading dock area, except for loading and unloading vehicles. Vehicles must be moved immediately after loading and unloading.
  • No parking is allowed in driveways, exits or entrance areas, the alley, or grassy areas on any college parking lots.
  • Everyone must strictly follow all college parking regulations and traffic signs. A violation of any college parking regulation may result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.

>>Downtown Campus Parking Regulations

>>Parham Road Campus Parking Regulations

>>Goochland Campus Parking Regulations

Shuttle Service

Connecting the Parham Road Campus (PRC) to the Downtown Campus (DTC).
Reynolds students and employees can ride the Reynolds Shuttles with a valid identification card. (ID Cards)

Shuttle Stops

  • DTC - 8th Street near the intersection of Jackson and 8th
  • PRC - In front of Georgiadis Hall
  • A lot for Brookside Hall (summer semester only)
  • In front of Brookside Hall starting Fall Semester 2015

Summer Shuttle Service Schedule

Fall/Spring Shuttle Service Schedule