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Reynolds Community College is committed to providing our students with vital information in response to COVID-19. Please click here for the most current information.

 The Office of Student like would like to personally welcome you to Reynolds Community College!! You have made a decision to begin the next step in accomplishing of your dreams  with us and we want you to know we are here to help you make that dream a reality. Please take advantage of all the resources that are available to you.

The Office of Student Life is dedicated to providing social, educational and service activities that promote student engagement and learning, cultural awareness and social responsibility. The office emphasizes the importance of respect by creating an environment where students can freely express their opinions and beliefs with good intentions of achieving a common goal.

As we address the COVID 19 challenges in our world, we want to stay connected with you! We want to provide you with opportunity to connect with opportunities and with one another. As a result, please find a list of fantastic virtual resources for you to visit at your leisure located at the bottom of this page. Additionally, in order for us all to connect, we will provide weekly events, activities, and interactive moments virtually, outlined below.

 We encourage you to G.E.T Involved.



Oct. 12 - 16, 2020 


Single Stop & Anthem Health Keepers Plus are holding a Healthcare Coverage Drive, 10/12/2020 from 12 pm- 2 pm. 

Check your student email for Zoom link.



Growth Mindset Presentation withAssociate Dean of Advising Services Bernadette “Bern” Battle – 2pm

What are your personal beliefs about intelligence and talent? What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake? Often when we’re struggling, our inner voice can become critical, and it takes practice to shift our mindsets.  Believe it or not, the mindset we have and how we talk to ourselves when we’re approaching difficult tasks has a big impact on our academic success and personal well-being. In this workshop, we will learn how to develop a growth mindset and reframe our automatic thoughts that can often be negative.

Students can register by emailing, and a zoom link will be sent to you. Use Growth Mindset Presentation as the subject line.


National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Please join us in celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month, "Increasing Access and Opportunity". Panel discussion on employment and disability. Issues covered will include disability law, accessing service through Vocational Rehabilitation, and employment experiences of a Reynold's graduate with disabilities. To register for this event, please email the Office of Student Accommodations at by Oct. 12


Hot Drinks (tea and coffee) & Hot Topics 10am- 11am via Zoom

Check your student email for Zoom link.


Enjoy your weekend!!          


 Here are some other options for you to visit at your leisure.


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