Students Graduating


Applying for Spring 2020 Graduation

Students must complete the graduation application online through the Student Information System. The online application makes for a more efficient graduation process while ensuring accuracy of information for diplomas and graduation correspondence.
How to apply (Graduation Application Tutorial video)

Commencement 2020: Saturday, May 16, Time (TBA)

Reynolds has one formal commencement ceremony after the spring semester for students completing certificate or associate degree curricula throughout the academic year. Students who graduate in the summer or fall will be invited to participate in the commencement ceremony the following May. Information about the ceremony and purchasing of caps and gowns will be sent to graduates and candidates in early April. Students must complete the program of study to participate in a commencement ceremony.

Purchase Graduation Regalia

Information about purchasing graduation regalia, frames, rings, and invitations will be available early Spring 2020. Typical costs are below. (may change closer to March)

If you are earning an AA, AS or AAS you will purchase:

Cap, Gown and Tassel


Total $70.50


If you are earning a certificate or career studies certificate you will purchase:

Cap, gown, tassel $43.00

 If you would like an extra tassel, the cost is $6.00.

The Registrar will provide a list of graduates and candidates to each campus bookstore to aid us in having you purchase the correct regalia. If you are identified for honors (AA, AS, AAS or Certificate), the black tassel will be exchanged for the gold tassel.

Contact your campus bookstore:
Parham/Goochland (804) 371-3266
Downtown (804) 786-8580


Graduation Guidelines

A curricular student eligible for graduation is required to complete and submit the online application for graduation for each degree, certificate or career studies certificate program by the deadline for that semester or term. Students applying from more than one plan shall include all plans on the application. If a student files for graduation, but does not graduate, the student must reapply for a later graduation date. Students may graduate after fall, spring or summer terms.

To be awarded a degree or certificate, students must complete all program requirements as specified in their catalog with a minimum of 25% of credits earned at Reynolds.

  • Students must earn a grade point average of at least 2.000 in the curriculum.
  • Students must submit all documentation of training, education, or tests from organizations outside of Reynolds to the Office of the Registrar Office by the last day of classes in the final semester. All Reynolds courses must also be completed by the last day of classes in the final semester. Incomplete grades must also be completed by the last day of classes to be used for graduation. The School Dean for the curriculum must recommend the student for graduation, and the Registrar must certify completion of all graduation requirements.
  • The student must resolve all financial obligations with Reynolds and must return all library and college materials.

Graduation Honors

Students who have fulfilled the requirements for an AA, AS, AAS degree or a certificate program are eligible for graduation honors (students completing career studies certificates are ineligible for graduation honors). The honors based upon scholastic achievement are as follows:

Graduating GPA cumulative
3.200     Cum laude (with honor)
3.500     Magna cum laude (with high honor)
3.800     Summa cum laude (with highest honor)