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Tuition Assistance Grants

Completion Grant 

The Completion Grant is awarded to students who are within 15 credits of a degree or certificate, but who do not have the resources to complete. These may include students who:

  •  Have received aid, but who do not have enough to cover tuition and fees;
  • Have run out of federal and/or state aid eligibility to cover costs; and/or
  • Are loan-only students who demonstrate financial need. 

No more than eight credits per semester will be awarded. Awards are renewable through the completion of the remaining 15 credits (or less) of the program for which he/she has applied for under the grant. 

Student Success Grant

The Student Success Grant is a last dollar grant that provides students assistance for up to four (4) credits at the in-state rate. These awards are available only one-time in any academic year for a student. 

Second Chance Grant

The Second Chance Grant provides students tuition and fee assistance for the following:

  • Up to 4 credits at the in-state rate for students who demonstrate promise, but who do not meet requirements of satisfactory academic progress guidelines – per Title IV and state guidelines. May be submitted by the student or by recommendation of the SAP committee.
  • Any second chance grant beyond the 4 credit limit must have mitigating circumstances and be approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs.

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