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Special Advising Weeks

March 25, 2019 – April 5, 2019

During these special advising weeks, you may walk-in or make an appointment to see any available advisor:

Parham Road Campus and Downtown Campus
Monday, Tuesday, and Friday   |  8:30am – 5:00pm
Wednesday and Thursday  |  8:30am-7:00pm

Goochland Campus
Monday -Thursday |  8:30am – 7:00pm

If you have 0-15 earned credits, please see an advisor in Enrollment Services. There are 3 exception programs.

First Year Advising (0-15 credit hours)

Students with fewer than 15 credits, will receive an email from early in their first semester.  This email will indicate which advisors advise in the student’s program of study.  Students will be directed to schedule an appointment with one of the advisors who advise in their program. 

It is important to schedule your appointment as soon as possible once you receive that email communication in order to get an appointment that works with your schedule and in order to be prepared to register for classes once registration opens.

Enrollment Services
Parham Road Campus - Georgiadis Hall, Suite 100

Enrollment Services
Downtown Campus - Room 105 

Enrollment Services
Goochland Campus - Front lobby area

If you have 16 or more earned credit hours or are enrolled in one of the 3 exception programs, please see a faculty advisor.

School of Business
Parham Road Campus - Burnette Hall, Room 112
Downtown Campus – Room 314 
Goochland campus - Front lobby area

School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Parham Road Campus - Burnette Hall, Room 220
Downtown Campus - Room 346

School of Math, Science & Engineering
Parham Road Campus - Burnette Hall, Room 177
Downtown Campus - Room 622

School of Nursing & Allied Health
Downtown Campus - Room 512

 You are still encouraged to see your assigned faculty advisor at any time during the semester.

1. How do I find my assigned faculty advisor?

  • Log into MyREYNOLDS and your faculty advisor is listed under Advisor on the right hand side.
  • For assistance with MyREYNOLDS, view these tutorials

2.  How do I make an appointment with my assigned faculty advisor?
Call or email (This information is listed in your MyREYNOLDS account under Advisor at bottom right; click on “details” for email address)

3. When is my advisor available?
Contact the Division Office below for your faculty advisor office hours, and then call or email your advisor to make an appointment. 

School of Business
Downtown Campus: 804-523-5177
Parham Road Campus: 804-523-5301

School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Downtown Campus: 804-523-5178
Parham Road Campus: 804-523-5263

School of Math, Science & Engineering
Downtown Campus: 804-523-5374
Parham Road Campus: 804-523-5225

School of Nursing & Allied Health
Downtown Campus: 804-523-5375

4. Prepare for your meeting with a faculty advisor. If you have more than one advisor, be sure to connect with at least one of them. 

You can view the requirements for your program and track your degree progress with the Advisement Report tool in MyReynolds.  Here's a tutorial on how to save and print your Advisement Report.

5.  At your meeting:

  • Get your list of spring classes ready for your online shopping cart!
  • Take notes
  • Ask questions
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting if needed