Advising Month

0-15 Advising Services Guidance

0-15 Advising Services Caseload Advisors adhere to a Proactive Caseload Management Philosophy, which combines the following components:

An assigned student caseload using the recommendations from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

2.  A proactive advising approach - The advisor/counselor subscribes to a philosophy of advising that is holistic, with an emphasis on supporting students’ long-term goals, building relationships, and solving problems before they escalate.

3.       Access to Centralized Technology - Using the Navigate system to view data and collaborate for Student Success.

4.       Utilization of a Communications Plan.

5.       A Data Retrieval Process – Supported by our office of institutional effectiveness to have the most updated student data.

6.       Overarching guidance from our Advising Services 2020/2021 Plan – Moving  from Transactional  to  Strategic  & Transformational  Services.

7.       Strict adherence to - EVERY student matters philosophy!


0-15 Advising Services - Caseload Credit Advisors


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