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Career and Transfer Services

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are appointments required?
Appointments are necessary for all career, employment, and transfer services. The Center’s staff may need to research extensively, in advance, to determine the appropriate transfer course selections and admissions’ requirements. A college application has to be on file with the intention of enrolling to obtain services.

2. How do I learn about Transfer Opportunities?

Reynolds offers programs that lead to the Associate in Arts (AA) degree or the Associate in Science (AS) degree. These programs are designed for students who plan to complete the freshman and sophomore years of college work at the community college level and then transfer to universities and four-year colleges. Each university has admissions and specific course requirements for baccalaureate programs. Reynolds and the Virginia Community College System have admissions agreements for specific academic programs with many universities and colleges. If you follow the stipulations of the agreement, your associate degree has complete transferability of all credits. For some colleges and universities, you may be guaranteed admission. A student transferring prior to the receipt of the AA or AS degree is not assured of such status. Our advisors are available to assist students in meeting transfer requirements and providing information about admission agreements established with the senior institutions. Please contact us for an appointment.

3. I want to be guaranteed admission to a 4 year college. Where can I learn about VCCS Guaranteed Admissions’ Agreements?
If you want to be guaranteed admissions to the 4 year college of your dreams, you need to carefully read the 4 year college admissions agreements. The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) has agreements with almost all of the Virginia public colleges and universities! There are also some private colleges that guarantee admissions. Read more about the VCCS agreements.

4. Where do I find transfer guides?
Not all colleges have transfer guides. If the college or university has a transfer guide, it is usually posted on their website. For additional assistance, please visit the Career, Employment and Transfer Center.

5. Where can I find course equivalencies for four year colleges and universities?
Keep in mind that you still need to check to determine the appropriate general education course selections for your major and 4-year college/university. Visit the Career, Employment and Transfer Center staff for top-notch assistance. Visit SCHEV'S website.

6. When should I see a CETC Advisor to prepare to transfer?
Ideally sometime during the first semester. It is very important that you choose the correct general education courses that are required by the 4 year college or university. Even if you graduate with a transferable degree at Reynolds, it may take you longer than 4 years to earn a bachelor’s degree, unless you carefully plan your course selections. The staff in the CETC will assist you in creating a 2 year plan that matches the general education requirements of the 4 year college.

Some unique programs at the 4 year colleges and universities prefer that you transfer earlier, without an associate degree from Reynolds. Again, meet with a Career, Employment and Transfer advisor to determine program and college general education requirements.

7. I need a job. Where can I find current job postings?
Go to to view job postings. You can view jobs 24 hours a day! You can view jobs posted by employers that want Reynolds students. You can even upload a resume that can be viewed online by employers. All you need to do is register online. Our advisors will assist you with job preparation such reviewing your resumes and providing mock interviews. We also provide resume and interview preparation workshops.

Although we do not “place” you in jobs, we do provide you with high-powered employment tools to make your job search a successful one.

8. I am undecided about a career or curriculum choice. Where do I go?
The staff in the Career, Employment and Transfer Centers are prepared to assist you through the career planning process. The career planning process is the following: 1) Career Exploration – Identifying and understanding your values, interests and skills. The CPT Center has several career tools available that can assist in assessing your interests and values. 2) Career Research – Identifying and exploring your career options. 3) Plan of Action – Laying a plan to move from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. 4) Preparation – Acquiring additional skills, knowledge and education needed for your new career.

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