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Thomas Barnes

SDV 80

HRI 80

HRI 83

HRI 85

HRI 86

HRI 95

HRI 95

Integrated Basic Academic/Life Skills

Introduction to Food Service Assisting

Food Service Assisting

Introduction to Food Preparation Assisting

Food Preparation Assisting

Techniques for Baking

ServSafe Certification Preparation

Frances Davis

CHD 80

CHD 85

CHD 87

CHD 90

Beginning Skills in Early Childhood Education

Creative Activities for Children

Awareness of Child Development: Problems/Policies

Coordinated Internship in Childhood Development

Lucy Hudson

SOC 85

Social Skills Development

Kory Mickle

HRI 90

Coordinated Internship in Hospitality Management: Food Service

Sharon Peace

HLT 95

NUR 95

NUR 95

NUR 95


NUR 90

SDV 80

First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Personal Care Companion

Nutrition, Diet Therapy and Food Preparation for Health Care Assistants

Health Care Terminology and Documentation

Coordinated Internship for Health Care Assistants

Integrated Basic Academic/Life Skills

Lelia Tyson

SDV 100


AST 80

AST 85

AST 86

AST 88

AST 95

AST 90

SOC 85

College Success Skills


Basic Keyboarding I

Office Procedures I

Office Procedures II

Microcomputer Concepts and Applications

Advanced Microcomputer Concepts and Applications

Coordinated Internship in Administrative Support Technology

Social Skills Development

Rhonda Williams

AST 80

SDV 100

Basic Keyboarding I

College Success Skills

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