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Testing Center

Types of Tests

Placement and Ability-to-Benefit Assessment Test
The college is using Direct Enrollment instead of the Virginia Placement Test. Contact any campus Advising Services office. See Advising for more information.

Testing for Students attending other Virginia Community Colleges

Students should get in contact with their instructor to determine their testing options. 


Credit by Assessment by Local Exam (ABLE)
Credit by ABLE is available at the discretion of the academic program and is not available for all courses taught at Reynolds. Academic deans and program heads have the discretion to deny requests for credit by ABLE. In programs where CLEP/AP/IB credit are not available as a means to test to receive academic credit, credit by ABLE may be a means of earning college credit for prior learning by demonstrating satisfactory academic competency in a particular subject. Students interested in pursuing credit by ABLE should contact the appropriate academic program head of the curriculum. Credit by Able scores do not transfer to other institutions, they are only applicable to coursework taken at Reynolds.

Computer Literacy Tests

Students in programs that require ITE 115 or CSC 155 can satisfy the computer competency course requirement in the curriculum by passing Reynolds’ computer competency or Credit by Able exam administered in the Testing Centers. For the ITE 115 Credit by Able test, students need to purchase an access code from a Reynolds bookstore or online. Students interested in taking the CSC 155 Credit by Able test should contact the Computer Science/Program Head at 804-523-5509. Learn more about Reynolds computer competency requirements for students.  Students not passing the computer competency exam may retake the exam only once.   


Foreign Language Achievement Testing Services (FLATS)
Students in programs that require Spanish or French can satisfy the course requirement in the curriculum by passing the Bringham Young University FLATs Exam administered in the Testing Centers. Students need to purchase an access code online from Bringham Young University . Students interested in taking the FLATS Exam should contact the World Languages Program Head at 804-523-5608. Learn more about the FLATS Exam at

General Information

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