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Types of Tests

Virginia Placement Test for English and Math (VPT)
The VPT is designed to assess new students in the academic areas of English and math. This assessment determines which developmental courses, if any, students must take in order to prepare for credit-level courses. It is very important that you take this test seriously as the placement test determines the English and Math courses that you will take at Reynolds. Students may take the test only once in a four month period.

All applications for admissions to Reynolds must be submitted and processed and a Reynolds student number assigned prior to taking placement tests.

The test is not timed. The entire test – Math and English – could take approximately two to five hours to complete.

  • Because of the time required for best performance, we strongly recommend that students not attempt to take the Math and English portions on the same day.
  • VPT scores are valid for two calendar years.
  • Students can re-take the VPT once within a year of the first attempt but must wait 4 months before testing again. 
  • Once a student enrolls in a developmental course, no retests shall be allowed. 
  • Students should review math, reading, and writing skills before taking the placement test.  Utilize the VPT-English Study Guide and the VPT-Math Study Guide.  

Placement Testing for High School Dual Enrollment
Contact the Reynolds Dual Enrollment Office at (804) 523-5320 or your high school guidance counselor prior to scheduling this test.

Ability-to-Benefit Assessment Test
Students who pass this test may be admitted to Reynolds as either non-curricular or curricular students, provided they also have satisfied other admission requirements. For more detailed information, contact the Office of Admissions at (804) 523-5029 or any campus Enrollment Services office. See Advising for more information.

Students with Disabilities
Contact the Office of Student Accommodations.

Distance Learning Testing
Students enrolled in Distance Learning Course(s) utilize the Testing Center for test administration.Distance Learning students must print out and bring their test ticket from Blackboard with them in order for a test to be administered. Students will not be allowed to print test tickets or check email in the Testing Centers. Distance Learning students must also bring their Reynolds Student ID card.  A valid picture ID and the student ID number can be used in place of a Reynolds Student ID card.

Testing for Students attending other Virginia Community Colleges

Students enrolled in Distance Learning Courses at other Virginia Community College System schools are able to have tests proctored at the Reynolds Testing Center. Contact the Testing Center to make an appointment and for additional information as there is required paper work for other VCCS students.

Computer Literacy Tests
Students in programs that require ITE 115 or CSC 155 can satisfy the computer competency course requirement in the curriculum by passing Reynolds’ computer competency or Credit by Able exam administered in the Testing Centers. For the ITE 115 Credit by Able test, students need to purchase an access code from a Reynolds bookstore. There is no fee for CSC 155 Credit by Able testing but students need to purchase a CD-R or jump drive and bring it with them to the Testing Center in order to take the test. Learn more about Reynolds computer competency requirements for students.

Kaplan Nursing Entrance and Exit Exams ServSafe Tests
Students should contact the Testing Center for details.There is currently no fee for the Kaplan Nursing exams. An information sheet is available at the Parham Road Campus and Downtown Campus Testing Centers.

The Reynolds ESL Placement Test
For more information about the ESL Placement Test, contact the ESL Office at (804) 523-5020. See information for ESL

Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service (FLATS) Exam

Students who want to take the FLATS test in Spanish or French need to sign up and pay $50 for the test before it can be proctored.  To sign up for the test follow these directions.  Before you take your test, contact the Testing Center to make sure they have received your information.  The Testing Centers cannot proctor the exam unless (1) you have registered and (2) they have received an individualized password for  your test from the Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service.  For general information about the test, please go to the FLATS site.

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