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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply for a Reynolds scholarship?
Any student currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program (i.e., not undecided or non-curricular) who has a 2.0 cumulative GPA is encouraged to apply for a Reynolds scholarship. You need only complete one Reynolds common scholarship application. If you complete your scholarship application packet by the deadline, you will automatically be considered for all scholarships where you meet the eligibility requirements. This means you do not have to apply for specific scholarships.   First, individuals must be currently enrolled at Reynolds Community College or have applied for admission. The standard scholarship application form is required for ALL scholarships. You need only fill out this form once, even if you wish to be considered for several different Reynolds scholarships. *Please see the full list of available scholarships for exceptions, as well as for additional scholarship criteria information – click here.

Am I still eligible for a Reynolds scholarship even if I don’t qualify for financial aid?

Absolutely. Not all Reynolds scholarships are need-based. There are a number of scholarships that are open to anyone. Others are set up to reward academic excellence or to provide support for students studying in particular areas. Reynolds scholarships are funded by individuals, community groups, corporations and charitable foundations and are awarded to Reynolds' students on a competitive basis.

How do I know which Reynolds scholarships I should apply for?
To review the types of scholarships available through Reynolds, see our list of Reynolds scholarships.  Again, students need only complete the standard application to automatically be considered for all the scholarships in which the eligibility requirements are met.  Also visit the Reynolds iGrad Scholarship Center frequently to review external and private scholarship opportunities.

What are the conditions regarding the use of Reynolds scholarship awards?
Scholarship funds may be used only for tuition, books, and supplies required for courses taken at Reynolds during the academic year of the award and/or as specified on the Notification Acceptance Form signed by recipients of the scholarship. Scholarship funds not used before June 30 will be returned to the account to be used by future recipients.

How do I apply for Reynolds scholarships?
The application process includes several parts:
• Application for Admission to  Reynolds (if you have not already applied or are not currently attending)

•The standard scholarship application form is required for all scholarships. You only need to fill out this form once, even if you are applying for several Reynolds scholarships.

• A copy of all academic transcripts from previous college work (or high school transcripts if you have not previously attended college). *Current Reynolds students who have completed 12 semester hours of non-developmental work do not need to provide transcripts.

• In order for your application to be considered, all parts of the application must be submitted on time. Supporting documents required to complete the application packet (transcripts and recommendation letter) must be submitted through the online application by the March 1 deadline.Please remember that Reynolds scholarships are handled separately from financial aid and private scholarships. If you are applying for a Reynolds scholarship, supporting application materials should be submitted to the Scholarship Office only.

When is the deadline to apply for Reynolds scholarships?
The deadline to apply for scholarships is March 1 of each calendar year.  The online application will be made available online starting December 1 and will close on March 1

Who should write the letter of recommendation required to apply for a Reynolds scholarship?
Recommendations are an important part of the application and evaluation process. Consequently, a letter of recommendation must be submitted to the Scholarship Office by the appropriate deadline in order to complete your application packet. Current Reynolds students should secure a letter of recommendation from current or previous faculty member. High school students should secure recommendation letters from current or previous teachers, guidance counselors, advisors or coaches. Although all scholarship applicants are encouraged to get recommendation letters from a professor/teacher, if you are unable to secure a letter from such a source, you may submit a letter from a pastor, employer, supervisor/manager or other person who can speak about your qualifications. Please note, recommendation letters authored by relatives/family members are not acceptable.

How long will my scholarship application remain active?
All completed applications will remain current for one year. Both award recipients and those who do not receive an award will be considered again the following semester if there are funds available. Applications will automatically expire at the end of each academic year. After your application has expired, you may reapply for scholarships but you must complete another application and secure another letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation may be from the same person but it must be a current letter.

How are recipients selected and notified?
Recipients for the various awards are chosen by the Reynolds Scholarship Committee. Recipients of Reynolds scholarships will be notified of their award by the Scholarship Office. Students who apply for but do not receive a Reynolds scholarship may still be eligible for loans or grants from federal, state and local sources. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information regarding loans and/or grants.

If I receive a Reynolds scholarship, how will the funds be disbursed?

Student accounts are established for scholarship recipients. Students may charge tuition, fees and books against this account.  Students wishing to be reimbursed for other acceptable expenditures (as allowed by their specific scholarship agreement) must submit receipts to the Scholarship Office within the specified time frame.

When charging books at the bookstore, this must be done during the first week of class. If you wish to purchase books before this time and/or after this time, you must pay for them and submit your receipts to the Scholarship Office for reimbursement. It normally takes 7-14 days to receive your reimbursement.

What expenses will be covered by a Reynolds scholarship?
Reynolds scholarships typically cover books, tuition and fees. Other acceptable expenses are outlined in the Notification of Acceptance agreement and are listed immediately after the award amount. Any expenses other than those specifically outlined in the agreement are subject to approval. Please contact the Scholarship Office at (804) 523-5084 if you have specific questions about acceptable expenses.

If selected, what else should I know before accepting a scholarship?
Communication with donors, the people who make our scholarship program possible, is very important. The use of scholarship recipients' names and photographs may be used for promotional purposes for college recruitment and fund raising activities. By accepting this scholarship, you agree to the use of your name and photograph as a scholarship recipient for promotional and fund raising activities.  If there are special circumstances related to the release of information please contact the scholarship office prior to accepting your award.  Students who do not respond to attempts to assist the Foundation Office in donor stewardship efforts, risk having their scholarship awards revoked at any time.

Who can I contact if I have a question about a Reynolds scholarship?
The scholarship office is located in suite 202 of the Workforce Development and Conference Center on the Parham Road Campus (adjacent to Burnette Hall). Contact us by phone at (804) 523-5084, by email at or by fax at (804) 523-5107.


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