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Around the World through Books, Film, Music, and Travel

 mission of Around the World through Books, Film, Music, Travel, and Interfaith is to exemplify the college’s culturally rich and diverse population.  Additionally, we are committed to expanding awareness of other cultures and increasing global perspectives. Programs featured draw on the experience and knowledge of writers, musicians and artists, the diverse talents of the Reynolds faculty and student body, and the local community in order to foster a public forum to exchange ideas and learning.

Multicultural Enrichment Council programs are free and open to the public.

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Past Events 2018

Singer-Songwriter  Richmond'sUnhealedHistory Hidden Figures 
  Virginia Union Chamber Singers  African American Read-In

Deep Run

 Women in Automotive & Horticulture  The Donnybrooks  Progress in global leadership
Denial  My Reynolds Experience Student Writing Contest

Guitrist Ross Harvey 


Past Events 2017

BeatTheBlues  LoveAir PrinceEdward 
 Tulips  Strings  Amreeka
 LatinJazzFlyer VCU Jazz Trio  In the Country We Love 
 Nottoway Indian Tribe  Rock Sarge  Dance Girl Dance
 Classical Holiday Trio    

Past Events 2016

BlackorWhite EnriqueJourney   WorldTour

Past Events 2015