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Multicultural Enrichment Council Membership

Our Members

If you are a student, faculty member or staff and would like to serve on a MEC sub-committee please contact the sub-committee Chair.  If you have suggestions for future MEC Events, please contact Lisa Bishop, Chair of MEC.

Chair, Lisa Bishop

Around the World through Books

Co-Chairs: Laurie Weinberg and Bitsy Gilfoyle or

Around the World through Movies

Co-Chairs: Mazhar Anik and Ewa Reedy or

Around the World through Music and Dance

Chair: Sharon Carlyle

Around the World Through Faith Traditions

Chair: Co-Chairs: Carol Rodi and Jason Lira and

Women’s History Month

Co-Chairs: Janet Adams and Sharon Carlyle and

Student Essay Contest

Chair : Bitsy Gilfoyle

MEC Members

Amanda Shelton

Bitsy Gilfoyle

Brenda Thornton

Carlos Ossandon

Carol Rodi

Ewa Reedy

Jamal Aldajaei

James Satchell

Janet Adams

Jason Lira

Joe Schilling

Laurie Weinberg

Lisa Bishop

Mazhar Anik

Priti Barua

Sharon Carlyle