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Multicultural Enrichment Council Membership

Our Members

Students, faculty, and staff alike are welcome to serve on any of the MEC sub-committees listed below; just contact the sub-committee chair.

If you have suggestions for future MEC events, please contact the MEC Chair, Mazhar Anik

Committees Chairs:

Around the World through Books Chair: Lisa Bishop

Around the World through Film Chair: Mazhar Anik

Around the World through Music and Dance Co-Chairs: Loftan Miller and Marty Watkin

Around the World through Faith Traditions Chair: Laurie Weinberg

Around the World through Travel Chair: Mazhar Anik 

Women’s History Month Chair: Kristen Baker

Student Essay Contest Co-Chairs: Karyn Pallay and Laurie Weinberg

Black History Month Chair: Mimi Getachew

MEC Committee Members