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Department of Police

A Message from the Chief

Dear Reynolds Students,

Reynolds Community College is committed to your safety and well-being. We strive to ensure all students receive the best services available and the Reynolds Police Department is no exception. It is essential that we work together to safeguard the goals of equality and fairness to build trust and legitimacy with the community we serve. The Reynolds Police Department condemns racism, prejudice, and inequity in all forms, and believes in inclusion and diversity to ensure that all our students receive the respect and courtesy you deserve. 

 We welcome all new students and those returning from a prior semester. We are glad to have you back this fall both virtually and in-person.  And we look forward to collaborating with you and listening to your ideas on how we can further improve the safety of our college and build a community of trust. I encourage you to download our free LiveSafeAPP and report suspicious activity by using the app or calling the college police department at (804) 523-5219. 


Have a safe and successful year.



 Chief Ward

John D. Ward

Chief of Police

Reynolds Community College


VLEPSC Accredited Agency


Ext. 655911 from an on-campus phone.
(804) 523-5911

Ext. 655219 from an on-campus phone.
(804) 523-5219

Crime report phone number update (655911)

Parham Road Campus
Communications Center and Headquarters
Burnette Hall, Suite 100
(804) 523-5219

Downtown Campus  
Room 122
(804) 523-5219

Goochland Campus  
(804) 523-5407

The Kitchens
2500 Nine Mile Road