Honors at Reynolds


  Program Eligibility Requirements

The Reynolds Honors Program is a selective program available to students enrolled as majors in all Associate of Science (AS) and Associate of Arts (AA) degree programs.  

Apply NowThe Honors Program strives to reflect the diversity and spirit of achievement embodied in each of our Reynolds students. For eligibility requirements, see our How to Apply page.  

Students in applied degree programs (AAS/AAA) or Certificate programs (CSC), while not eligible for the Honors Program, may apply to take individual Honors classes using the Course Permission form (see below). In order to be eligible to apply to the program: 

 Entering high school students must

  • place into college-level, transferable coursework 
  • have a GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale on HS transcript

Current Reynolds student or transfer students from another college or university must

  • have completed 12 or more credits of transferable, general education coursework with at least a grade of “C” or better prior to application. You may apply during your first semester but should have a transcript to support an application made prior to completing 12 credits.
  • have completed all developmental coursework (ENF English, ESL English as a Second Language, and MTE Mathematics) before applying to the Honors Program. You may apply during the semester in which you expect to complete this coursework.
  • have a GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, OR have completed 2 Honors courses at Reynolds with a grade of B or higher

Honors Program Admissions Criteria and Process

The Honors Program Admissions Committee will select students for admission based on the following sources: 

  1. A formal transcript indicating a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
    • Current Reynolds students who have completed 12 or more hours of college-level coursework need not submit a transcript.
    • Students who have not completed 12 hours of coursework (including entering high school students, transfer students, and students in their first semester) should submit a high school transcript OR transcript from their transfer institution. High school transcripts should indicate a 3.5 on 4.0 scale on your completed advanced diploma.  College transcripts should indicate a 3.5 on your transcript showing 12 or more credits of transferable, general education coursework at an institution from which Reynolds accepts credits.  NOTE: unofficial transcripts submitted to the Honors Program do not replace or supersede any official transcripts that may be required by Admission & Records.
    • Submit your unofficial transcript to the Honors Program Admin Office in Massey, room 233 or via email to OR you may submit an official transcript to the office of Admissions & Records via fax at (804) 317-3650 or mail the official transcript to PO BOX 85622 Richmond, VA 23285.
  2.  A writing sample on a topic provided by Reynolds.
  3. Two letters of recommendation from either academic or professional sources.
  4. Extra-curricular activities as described on the program application.

Decisions regarding admissions are made prior to fall and spring semesters each year by the Honors Program Admissions Committee.  The Committee must receive all admissions materials by the prescribed deadlines for Fall and Spring admission. The Committee reserves the right to deny admission where extenuating circumstances exist, such as evidence of ongoing college disciplinary action or submission of incomplete or poorly written application materials. Additionally, the Committee may admit other applicants who do not possess a grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, subsequent to a successful interview with the Committee, although such admission is not guaranteed. Students may apply during the semester in which they are scheduled to complete developmental coursework, however, acceptance will be contingent upon successful completion of all developmental coursework.

Designated Honors Course Sections

Designated Honors sections will be taught from an Honors syllabus, and will be reading and writing-intensive, featuring academically rigorous course content, learner-centered and learner-directed teaching methods, as well as opportunities for student leadership and engagement. Designated Honors sections will meet the VCCS course outcomes prescribed for the course, and in addition, they will also incorporate the Honors standards as defined by the four curricular pillars (critical thinking, interdisciplinary approach, independent research, and engagement) in the Statement of Purpose.  Honors program student will have first opportunity to register for these courses, but non-program students may apply to for permission to enroll in a designated section if space permits by using the Honors Course Permission form. Open to Honors program and non-program students.

Contract Courses

Individual students who have been accepted to the Reynolds Honors Program may request an Honors contract from an individual faculty member who is certified to teach honors coursework, to take a regular course section for honors credit. Students interested in enrolling in a course on a contract basis should first consult the list of Honors certified faculty, and must contact the course instructor regarding an Honors contract. Honors contracts should be discussed and agreed upon between faculty and student during the semester prior to the course being offered. The contract between faculty and student will delineate guidelines for the course assignments that ensure an appropriate honors experience for the individual student. Once completed, the faculty member will submit the contract to the Coordinator of the Honors Program by the specified deadline (typically, the last day of classes in the semester prior to the beginning of the course). No student may take in excess of six credits by contract. Open to Honors program students only.

*A list of faculty certified to offer Honors contracts will be available here when the spring schedule is released--check back for updates.

Non-Program Students Taking Honors Courses

Individual students in any degree or certificate program who have not been formally accepted into the Reynolds Honors Program may apply for permission to enroll in a stand-alone honors course.  Such students must meet all placement and prerequisite requirements pertaining to the course, complete the Honors Course Permission form, and submit it to the Honors Coordinator by the specified date prior to the end of the semester before the course begins.  The Honors Coordinator will review the student’s transcript, GPA, and letters of recommendation (if applicable) with the faculty member who will teach the course in question and make a decision regarding the student’s enrollment in the course. Decisions will be based on an assessment of the students' academic performance and potential to handle rigorous, reading and writing-intensive coursework.

Honors Course Permission form