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Designated Honors Course Sections

Designated Honors sections will be taught from an Honors syllabus, and will feature rigorous course content, learner-centered and learner-directed teaching methods, and opportunities for student leadership and engagement. Designated Honors sections will meet the VCCS course outcomes prescribed for the course, and will also incorporate the Honors standards as defined by the four curricular pillars (critical thinking, interdisciplinary approach, independent research, and engagement) in the Reynolds Honors' Statement of Purpose. Honors program students will have first opportunity to register for these courses, but non-program students may apply to for permission to enroll in a designated section if space permits by using the Honors Course Permission form. Open to both Honors program and non-program students.

Honors Program Application

Contract Courses

 Individual students who have been accepted to the Reynolds Honors Program may request an Honors contract from an individual faculty member who is certified to teach honors coursework, to take a regular course section for honors credit. Students interested in enrolling in a course on a contract basis should first consult the list of Honors certified faculty, and must contact the course instructor regarding an Honors contract. Honors contracts should be discussed and agreed upon between faculty and student during the semester prior to the course being offered. The contract between faculty and student will delineate guidelines for the course assignments that ensure an appropriate honors experience for the individual student. Once completed, the faculty member will submit the contract to the Coordinator of the Honors Program by the specified deadline (typically, the final day of classes in the semester before the class begins). No student may take in excess of six credits by contract. Open to Honors program students only.

Non-Honors Students Taking Honors Courses

Individual students in any degree or certificate program who have not been formally accepted into the Reynolds Honors Program may apply for permission to enroll in a stand-alone honors course.  Such students must meet all placement and prerequisite requirements pertaining to the course, complete the Honors Course Permission form, and submit it to the Honors Coordinator by the specified date prior to the end of the semester before the course begins.  The Honors Coordinator will review the student’s transcript, GPA, and letters of recommendation (if applicable) with the faculty member who will teach the course in question and make a decision regarding the student’s enrollment in the course. Decisions will be based on an assessment of the students' academic performance and potential to handle rigorous, reading and writing-intensive coursework.


 Honors Curriculum

To complete the Honors Program and receive full recognition as an Honors graduate,  Honors students must complete 18-21 credits in the categories listed below, maintaining a 3.5 GPA. Honors courses will be identified on students' transcripts.

Current Curriculum for Reynolds Honors Program





ENG 111, 112, or any 200-level literature course



Any 200-level literature course; any PHI or REL course 


Natural Sciences/Mathematics

BIO 101, 102, 106, 107; CHM 1111; CHM 112; GOL 105/1062 MTH 1633, 166/1734, 1705


Social/Behavioral Sciences

ECO 2016, Any HIS course; PSY 200; SOC 200



Any courses listed above, as well as any Honors course offered in any discipline



 Any courses listed above, as well as any Honors course offered in any discipline


Total Credits




For AS in Engineering majors.
Recommended for AA in Liberal Arts and AS in Social Sciences majors.
3 For AS in Business and Social Sciences or AA in Liberal Arts majors.
4 For AS in Engineering or AS in Science majors.
5 For AS in Social Sciences or AA in Liberal Arts majors as an option to MTH 163.
6 For AS in Business majors.
7 Pre-requisites:  3 credits of ENG and 3 credits of humanities/fine arts
8 As approved by adviser from among designated honors courses.

1 All courses offered by face-to-face instruction, Spring and Fall semesters