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Learn. Laugh. Lead.Why would males consider a career in early childcare?

Children need to see male role models, too. Most workers in the early childcare profession are female. That’s why it’s important for men who have a passion for early childcare development to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the life of a child.  


What does it take to be a good childcare provider? 

Be friendly. Greeting parents and children with a smile and "hello" when they arrive and offering any feedback on the day when parents pick up are good practices. A friendly childcare provider can help children develop a positive attitude.

Be patient. Patience is a must for childcare providers. Trying to teach basic social skills or simple counting is hard enough. Children commonly need multiple prompts and reminders on simple tasks like putting toys away and putting their coats on to go outside.

Bring creativity. Create  learning environments and experiences where children can learn through play and hands on opportunities.

Bring competence. Childcare provider competencies include recognizing that children learn through play. They effectively teach basic skills like counting and colors in natural situations and incorporate other domains such as math, science, reading and writing into daily experiences.

 Kathy Larue

Having a balance of men and women in the workforce benefits children and their families. Children should see themselves reflected in the important people in their lives. Mixed gender environments give boys and girls positive role models. Men and women bring different styles of teaching young children. Children benefit from the male perspective. Fathers benefit from having someone who they can relate to working with their children. Having men in an early childhood setting challenges stereotypes with regard to jobs, activities and even toys.

- Kathy Larue, Early Childhood Education Program Head

Our program 

Stacking Credentials in Early Childhood Development

College courses can be used for the 120-hour educational requirement for a Child Development AssociateTM credential from the Council for Professional Development. 


Financial help is available

Scholarships are available from the Department of Social Services and The Early Childhood Foundation.


Job Demand 2016-2026

Between 2016-2026, rapid growth is projected in this field with an employment increase of 14%. 026), are expected to have a high demand (projected to have 500 or more job openings in the Richmond, MSA over the period of 2016-2026), or are new and emerging occupations in high growth industries. 


Job Titles

Infant and Toddler Caregiver
Home Based Child Care Provider
Preschool Teacher
Assistant Teacher
Teaching Assistant
Camp Counselor
Before and After School Child Care Provider


After graduation, employees with experience could also move into administrative roles at child care centers such as Assistant Director, Curriculum Supervisor, or Director. 


 We have a few teachers from the Reynolds Early Childhood Development program and they are wonderful. Two of them are now in administration and helping to guide and train new staff members. We would love to have many more teachers just like them!

- Kim Hulcher, Bundle of Joy Child Development Center