Four Out of Four

Four Out of Four

Reynolds is batting 1000 with the Brown family. Four out of four of the Brown children have attended, or will soon attend Reynolds. There's Aaron, Sarah, Rachel, and Laura.

The Brown family lives in Goochland. Mom, Helen Brown, home schooled all four children through K-12, except for Laura who chose to finish her high school years at Goochland High School. All four Brown children were swimmers. This comes as no surprise since their mom serves as a swim coach for the Goochland YMCA.


The first to attend Reynolds was the Brown's son, Aaron. He applied and received a scholarship to Reynolds and started his education at the college before transferring to Ferrum College, and then on to Baker College online. Aaron will graduate in the fall of 2021.


Pictured here in order of their
attendance at Reynolds:

top, Aaron Brown,
second down, Sarah Brown;
third down, Rachel Brown;
bottom, Laura Brown.



Rachel followed Sarah to Reynolds, and in her mom's words, "did very well" at the college.

But, when Rachel started at Reynolds, unlike her sister Sarah, she didn't know what she wanted to do. She had always loved watching crime programs, but it never occurred to anyone in the family, even Rachel, that her interest would extend beyond the television.


"It came out of the blue," said Helen Brown. Rachel had gotten bitten by the science bug while at Reynolds, and after her May 2021 graduation she immediately transferred to VCU and began studying Forensic Science in the summer session.



The last of the Brown children is Laura. Laura will begin her studies at Reynolds this fall. "Laura is artsy. She likes to write, she draws," says Helen Brown.

Like her sister Rachel before her, Laura isn't sure what she wants to do. Maybe her degree will be focused in liberal arts, maybe English. Her educational journey is just beginning . . . her special bug has yet to find and bite her.

Welcome to Reynolds, Laura! All the best to you in the coming year.