Cierra Spence: Being your Biggest Supporter!

Spotlight on G3 Scholars
by Ambria Ingram


Cierra Spence: Being your Biggest Supporter!
Reynolds Community College prides itself on being the college "Where Outstanding Careers get started!" According to Cierra Spence, Reynolds is also where, students can continue their education despite hardships.


"You have to be your biggest supporter and it's not going to be easy going back to school, but everything will work out in the end," says Reynolds student Cierra Spence.

Born at Virginia Medical College, Cierra was raised in low-income housing in Fairfield Court in Richmond and graduated from Reynolds with her Practical Nursing Certificate. Her degree helped her obtain jobs as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), where she has served for six years with a healthcare agency.

Cierra loves working as a CNA and is proud of herself for earning a Practical Nursing Certificate and providing CNA delivery service care, however, she decided she wanted to further her education to advance in her career.

Cierra recently decided to go back to school again at Reynolds to pursue her Nursing Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree to follow her dreams of becoming a registered nurse. Cierra plans to graduate with her Nursing associate degree in December 2022, and she would love to work as a registered nurse one day in either the NICU, Emergency Room, Psych Nurse Department, or the Kidney and Dialysis Specialist unit.

"I'm very grateful for my flexible work schedule as I'm able to attend my classes while working as a CNA under her healthcare agency," says Cierra. "I'm also grateful Reynolds is a convenient drive from my house and the Reynolds tuition rates are affordable. Reynolds feels like home and is the right place for me because Reynolds embraces different cultures and backgrounds from all people."

Recently, Cierra received grant money from the G3 program, a tuition assistance program that supports students financially to pursue a high in-demand career.

"The G3 program was such a big relief for me," says Cierra. "My family and I do not make a lot money and we get some social services. But, last year, I didn't work because I had a baby. I really appreciate the funding for me to pay for college because I didn't know how I was going to pay for college."

Despite Cierra's time management challenges of working part-time as a CNA and being a full-time student at Reynolds, she is optimistic that she can improve on those challenges over time by planning out the days and times to study her Nursing materials.

Moreover, Cierra believes that all adult learners can go back to school as well and she shares this advice with others when choosing a school: "Go for it and it's not going to be easy. But, I do take one day at a time. I do my research before jumping into a school and I find all the resources at the college and ask questions to faculty and professors before I jump into going to a school. If you feel like it's not the right school for you, it's probably not. Research your college options first."

Additionally, Cierra shares her gratitude for Reynolds Community College's Nursing Program:

"I'm grateful that I get to experience college. I'm grateful that I got into the Reynolds Nursing program. College is not easy, but I have been grateful that I get this opportunity because there are people who apply for the Nursing program and they do not get in. I'm grateful that I get to continue my education."


Fun Facts about Cierra: She has two sisters and one brother on her mother's side, and they are all very close with each other. Cierra is the oldest sibling. Both of Cierra's parents are living. She is her mother and father's first child. Cierra likes to go out for lunch, play some games, and loves spending time with her kids. She likes reading books, walking outside on sunny days, spending time with her family, and watching Tik Toks videos while on school breaks.