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Mid-Atlantic College Reading & Writing Association


History  [back to top]

The Mid-Atlantic College Reading & Writing Association (MACRA) includes reading and writing faculty from community and four-year colleges and universities. Faculty from Maryland community colleges initially formed this organization as the Maryland Community College Reading Association in 1974. In 1991, the Maryland group decided to expand its membership to include the five neighboring states (New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania) and changed its name to the Mid-Atlantic Community College Reading Association. As membership increased, we found our rolls included many faculty from four-year colleges and universities. At our annual conference in 1997, we changed the name to more accurately reflect the interests, needs, and diversity of our membership. Most recently, in 2015, we incorporated the "R" of writing to spotlight all that we do as literacy educators.

Each fall MACRA holds a two-day conference in Ocean City, Maryland. This conference features a noted authority in reading or a related field. The second day is devoted to colleague interchange on topics such as:

  • Critical Reading
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Study Skills
  • Reading/Writing Connections
  • Textbook Readability
  • Computer Assisted Instruction 
  • Reading in the Content Areas
  • English as a Second Language for teachers of reading or related fields.

Past Topics
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Jenia Walter 2017 Parts of a Whole: Hands on Approach to Reading, Writing, and Student Success
Dr. Jacinta Thomas
and Ms. Jill Bruellman
2016 Empowering English Learners: From Theory to Practice
Bonnie Ceban 2015
Today’s Classrooms: Changing Mindset and Stacey Pounsberry Tomorrow’s Students: Changing Mindset
Scott and Williams 2014
 Literacy and the Pedagogical Instruction Behind Teaching to Enhance Literacy 
Dr. Kenneth Kerr 2013 Flipping the Developmental Classroom
Ms. Glennis Daniels-Bacchus 2012 
Beyond Pedagogy
Dr. Negar Farakish 2011 
Educating the Academically Underprepared
Dr. Janet Zadina 2010 Using Brain Research to Orchestrate Learning: The Multiple Pathways Model
Dr. Teresa H. Filbert 2009 The Digital Cave: Literacy In and Beyond the 21st Century 
Dr. Shelley A. Chapman  2008 Theory Like Theatre: Viewing Our Educational Practice Through Different Lenses
Dr. Jennifer Cuddapah 2007 Transforming Teaching through a Multiple Strategies Approach
Dr. Dee Tadlock 2006 Transforming Poor Readers to Excellent Readers: Relying on the Plasticity of the Brain
Dr. Rita Smilkstein 2005 Brain-Based Learning
Dr. Beth Holmberg 2004 Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking: Research Findings and Implications for Developmental Education
Dr. David Caverly 2003 Integrating Technology into Developmental Reading: Past, Present and Future
Dr. Catherine Wambach 2002 A High Feedback Model for Teaching General Psychology
Dr. Anne Goodsell Love 2001 Collaborative Learning Strategies 

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Spring Hours
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