Reynolds Leadership

Welcome to Reynolds Community College, where outstanding careers get started!

Like jazz and baseball, community colleges are a uniquely American invention. We occupy a pivotal role in our country’s educational system, enrolling over ten million students each year – nearly half of the nation’s undergraduates. We have expanded access to higher education at a much lower cost, making education accessible and attainable to communities once excluded from higher education. Community colleges have been referred to as “the great democratization of higher education” and have continued to evolve to better prepare students to be successful in the workforce, or to seamlessly transfer to a college or university – changing lives and livelihoods in the process. I truly believe that there is no more exciting and vital place in the entire higher education sector than the community college.

As Reynolds closes in on its 50th anniversary, it’s appropriate to look back at the 346,657 students the college has served since 1972. But we must also look forward to all the lives we’ve yet to transform... Maybe you are an adult learner seeking a degree or a certificate that will lead to a career. Maybe you are the first in your family to attend college... Whatever your path has been, trust that the knowledgeable and professional faculty and staff at Reynolds are ready for you!

Paula P. Pando, Ed.D.

Dr. Paula P. Pando