The Writing Studios

Ecocomposition and the Studio Model

What is the Ecocompositional approach to writing? (Here’s the fancy, academic definition.)

"Ecocompositional approaches serve as a foundation for students to further understand their identity in a world where social concerns reflect a growing consciousness of environmental threats...They learn how we define such ecological concepts of sustainability at a social level based on environmental influences and how it relates to something much larger. Through an active political engagement of this topic, students gain purpose in their writing and direction to their writing through forms and structures of writers that have come before them. 

Concepts of ecology that students apply at a personal level in their reflection of identity also apply further to the structure and ecology of their own writing. Through this approach students might gain a wider ecological perspective of how diverse elements in our world cross boundaries and cause widespread effects that they may not consider if confined to a restricted concept of their own place" (Dell, "Ecocomposition: An Annotated Bibliography"). 

(Now, here's the fancy, academic definition translated:)


What is the Studio Model?

The Studio Model works as an alternate and supportive workspace for creation which leads to excellent composition. Our consultants will staff an open space and we invite you to join us!  These consultations are meant to give quick support in a less formal and more collaborative way, as opposed to traditional tutoring. Students are welcome to work in the open space and will receive support throughout their time in the space.  

Why did we pick the Studio Model for the Writing Studio at Reynolds?

There are several, really good reasons. First, the Studio model works well with the Ecocompositional framework, which emphasizes "place" as an important aspect to writing well.  "Place" means virtual places (Zoom classrooms), physical places (your house, your desk), and figurative places (the space in your brain where you compose).  By adopting the Studio model, we are providing both a virtual, physical, and / or figurative place for you to enter into and compose your written texts. 

Second, we strive to be a place where students feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. The Studio Model doesn’t require appointments or formality, so we hope that you’ll be excited to come in and work with us. 

Third, we know sometimes all you need is a quick consultation or affirmation of your direction, so we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to have our services match your writing needs. The Studio Model enables us to do that. 

Finally, the Studio model closely mirrors how we write in the real world. We write a little, read it to someone, get feedback and make our editing choices.  We focus on this collaborative aspect over the more directive aspect of traditional tutoring. 

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