Computer-Aided Design Specialist

Career Studies Certificate

PURPOSE: The rapidly evolving field of computer technology has had a dramatic impact on the architectural/engineering professions. The Computer-Aided Design Specialist Career Studies Certificate was created to meet the contemporary graphic needs of architectural and industrial design firms. This program provides the student with thorough training in two- and three-dimensional computer graphics, including studies in visualization and animation.

OCCUPATIONAL OBJECTIVES: CAD Technician, Presentation (Rendering) Graphics Specialist, and CAD Manager

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: General college curricular admission






CSC 155 Computer Concepts and Applications 3


DRF 231 Computer-Aided Drafting I 3


DRF 232 Computer-Aided Drafting II 3


DRF 238 Computer-Aided Modeling and Rendering II 3


ARC 221 Architectural CAD Software Applications I 3


ARC 222 Architectural CAD Software Applications II 3


______1 Elective 3


Computer-Aided Design Specialist Career Studies Certificate 21


1 ARC 201, ART100, CST 100, PSY 200, PHI 200

Name Program Email Phone
Aubrey Bass Computer Aided Design Spec CSC 804/523-5600

Common Job Titles1: Architect; Architectural Designer; Architectural Drafter; Architectural Draftsman; Architectural Intern; CAD Technician (Computer-Aided Design Technician); Civil Designer; Civil Drafter; Computer-Aided Design Designer (CAD Designer); Computer-Aided Design Operator (CAD Operator); Computer-Aided Design Technician (CAD Technician); Computer-Aided Drafting Designer (CAD Designer); Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Drafter (CADD Drafter); Drafter; Drafting Technician; Draftsman; Draftsperson; Intern Architect; Project Manager

Labor Market Statistics (Richmond, MSA)

Projected Employment (2029): 378

Current Wage Range (Entry - Experienced): $36,300 - $56,600

Green Occupation "Green occupations will likely change as a result of the green economy. Green economy activities and technologies are increasing the demand for occupations, shaping the work and worker requirements needed for occupational performance, or generating new and emerging occupations." -- O*NET

1 This program may prepare you for one or more of the listed jobs; however, graduates may not be qualified for all of the jobs listed in this section.

Reynolds Community College makes every attempt to provide students with the best, most accurate information possible. The data was sourced from external agencies (O*NET and JobsEQ) on January 29, 2020.