What is Follett Access?

The Follett Access program is a digital content program that provides students access to their course materials electronically in Canvas, which is the college’s learning management system. The eBook and digital resources typically obtained with an “access code” are now integrated into the course through Canvas. This benefits students by offering the convenience of paying for course materials with tuition and fees, by eliminating the wait time in bookstore lines and shipping cost, but most importantly, it increases student success by ensuring that all students are prepared the first day of class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are included in the Follett Access program?

As of Spring 2024 the following four courses are included in the program:

  • ACC 211
  • BUS 100
  • BIO 206
  • ITE 140
Will my tuition support pay for my course materials i.e. financial aid, Military/Veterans benefits, scholarships etc.?

Some third parties do not pay Follett Access course material fees, including Senior Citizens waiver, GIBill® benefits, Veterans benefits, Virginia Prepaid 529 plans, and other waivers. Please confirm with the third party provider on eligibility.

  • Students using Military Tuition Assistance will be opted out of using Follett Access to stay in compliance with the Reynolds Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Defense.
  • GIBill® benefits will not cover the fee associated with the Follett Access program.
  • Students using GIBill® benefits who do not opt out of Follett Access will be held financially responsible. 

Please visit the Military Services webpage for additional information.

How do I access my course materials?

Please log in to the course on Canvas using your student email address. The information about Follett Access course materials and how to access digital resources can be found there. Students will also receive an e-mail from Follett with additional information.

How do I opt out of the program?

Students may opt-out directly of the Follett Access program or use the link found in their student email but will be responsible for obtaining the required/recommended materials from the Bookstore on their own, which could result in higher course material fees. The bookstore can also assist with the opt-out/opt-back in process and answer any questions students may have regarding this program.

Students may opt-out before the date of dropping a class with a refund as listed on the Academic calendar.

Optional: Low-cost Print Copy of a Textbook

Low-cost print versions of digital textbooks are available. This is in addition to the regular Follett Access course material fee and can only be purchased if opted-in to the Access program.  The Low-Cost Print plus the Follett Access course material fee is typically less expensive than purchasing the regular textbook from the Follett bookstore.

How do I know if my course is part of the Follett Access program?

  • Follett Access messaging will be included in the course description on the course page.
  • An e-mail notification will be sent out listing your Follett Access.
  • Follett Access messaging can be seen in the Follett Bookstore.


Please contact the campus store manager: 
jsreynoldsparham@bkstr.com or (804) 371-3266 | jsreynoldsdowntown@bkstr.com or (804) 786-8580