As a college student, it is important that you are comfortable with the technology available to help you communicate with your professors, complete your assignments, and succeed with your academics. Occasionally, you may run into an issue and require assistance.

Need Fast Help?

For any technology issues you need help with quickly, click here to submit a Help Desk ticket via TeamDynamix.  Please sign in with your MyReynolds username and current password.

Technology Support Topics

The Reynolds Tech Support page covers the following topics in more detail.

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MyReynolds Login Page

Login Help Information:

Commonly Used Applications:

  • Student Information System (SIS) - used for course registration, transcript evaluation, etc.
  • Gmail - used for official email communication with faculty, staff and other students
  • Canvas - used for completing assignments, viewing course grades, etc.

    To ensure that your Internet browser is fully compatible with Canvas, you should click the image link identify your browser version. If your browser is up-to-date, then it should work with Canvas.

    Browser Version Check
    Browser Version Check Icon
    Browser Version Identifier

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Free Student Software

Click on an image link to download the software to your computer.

OnTheHub Logo

Formerly called Microsoft Imagine, OnTheHub is available to students each semester that are actively enrolled in an ITD, ITE, ITN, ITP or a CSC course.  Choose from a vast library of Information Technology software such as IBM SPSS.

Office 365 Logo

Mac users should be aware that Microsoft Access is not available for their computer. There are a few alternatives for these users to be able to complete their work that requires the Access software.

  1. Use a Windows computer that has Microsoft 365 loaded on it.  Access is available to use only for the Windows version of Microsoft 365.

  2. Request a Reynolds student loaner laptop through one of our campus libraries.  Access will be pre-loaded on the computer to use.  To request a laptop, please complete this laptop loaner form.

  3. If it is feasible, go to any Reynolds campus and use a Library computer.  The computers also have Access pre-loaded on them.

  • Parham Road Campus Library - Massey Library Technology Center, Room 103
    1651 East Parham Road
    Richmond, VA 23228

  • Downtown Campus Library - 2nd Floor, Room 230
    700 East Jackson Street
    Richmond, VA 23219

  • Goochland Campus Library - C-20 Building, Room 200
    1851 Dickinson Road
    Goochland, VA 23063

  • The Kitchens at Reynolds Library - 2nd Floor, Room 215
    2500 Nine Mile Road
    Richmond, VA 23223

Microsoft 365 is available to all currently employed faculty and staff and currently enrolled students each semester to create and edit files using programs from the Microsoft Office suite.

  • To access your Microsoft 365 account, go to
  • Sign in with your VCCS email address, then click Next.  Faculty and staff can sign in with their Reynolds email address as an alternative.
  • Sign in with your current VCCS password, then click Sign In.  Faculty and staff can sign in with their Reynolds email address password as an alternative.
  • The online versions of the Microsoft 365 apps can be accessed from the left navigation page (e.g., Word, Excel, etc.).  To download and install the Microsoft 365 suite to your Windows or Mac computer, click Install Apps near the top-right area of the page, then click Microsoft 365 apps.

The VCCS (Virginia Community College System) provides up to one terabyte (TB) of storage for students to store documents using the Microsoft OneDrive service that is accessible through the Microsoft 365 Portal. To learn more using OneDrive, click the link below.

OneDrive Training (provided by Microsoft)

Student Notice - Microsoft 365 OneDrive Account Access

Warning: To continue to access your stored documents in your Microsoft OneDrive account, you must be a current student at Reynolds Community College or another VCCS institution.

The phrase current student means that you are either actively enrolled in classes for the current semester, or that you are not actively enrolled in classes for the current semester but you did enroll in classes the previous semester.

You are not considered a current student (and will lose access to your documents in OneDrive) if you have not been enrolled in classes for the previous two semesters or longer.

  • Approximately 30 days before your documents in OneDrive are permanently deleted, you will be sent a warning email from VCCS asking you to backup your data.
  • After this grace period, your OneDrive account will be deactivated and your documents will be unrecoverable.
  • If you re-enroll in classes at a later date, only your OneDrive account access will be restored -- not your documents.


Free Student Software

Adobe Reader Logo

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - needed to open and view PDF files

Mozilla Firefox Logo

Mozilla Firefox - a free web browser

VLC Logo

VLC Media Player - a universal audio and video player

LockDown Browser Logo

Respondus LockDown Browser - required for some proctored tests and quizzes in Canvas

Note: If you are using a Reynolds loaner laptop, you do not need to manually install the LockDown Browser software as it is already on the device.  Just simply double-click on it to run it

Google Chrome Logo

Google Chrome - a free web browser

Microsoft Edge Logo

Microsoft Edge - a free web browser that replaced the older and insecure Microsoft Internet Explorer

Note: If you have newer Windows machine, Microsoft Edge is pre-installed on it.  Older Windows machines can either install security updates to get Microsoft Edge or download it from the Internet

Audacity Logo

Audacity - a free audio file composer and editor

Canvas Student Logo

Canvas Student - a free app to view edit Canvas course material (e.g., assignments, syllabus, discussion boards, etc.)

Note: The Canvas Student app is available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices.

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Printing at Reynolds

PaperCut logo

Reynolds Community College has switched printing systems -- from Equitrac to PaperCut. The new system will allow students to use their MyReynolds student accounts or customized guest accounts to load funds as necessary in order to print documents and website information in both black and white, and color.

Another benefit of PaperCut is that students can use their personal computers or mobile devices to access their accounts and send documents to the print queue at any time, without having to physically be in one of the campus libraries. Students can then print out their documents from the library at their convenience.

To view the guide for using the new PaperCut printing system, go to

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Configuring VCCS Student Email Accounts on Mobile Devices

Students can access their email account from their mobile device so that they can stay in touch with Reynolds faculty, staff and other students.  An instruction guide is provided here that will show step-by-step instructions for configuring a VCCS student email account on any mobile device via the Gmail app.

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Student Computing Initiative

Students are strongly encouraged to purchase a personally-owned computer or use a computer in one of the campus Computer Labs/Libraries to foster academic growth at Reynolds Community College.

Chromebooks can be used as an alternative to an Apple or Windows computer.

Recommended Minimum Specifications for Adequate Performance on a Personally-Owned Computer:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home or greater, or macOS 12.6 (Monterey) or greater
  • Memory: At least 4 GB (gigabytes) of RAM
  • Networking: An Ethernet port and Wi-Fi capability
  • Processor: 2.9 GHz (gigahertz) processor or greater
  • Display: 1280 x 1084 resolution or greater
  • Hard Drive: A solid-state hard drive (SSD) with at least 150 GB of free space; can be supplemented with a thumb drive that has at least 32 GB of free space
  • Battery (laptops only): 6-cell battery
  • Security: Firewall-enabled with some type of antivirus software installed
  • Software: Microsoft 365, Respondus LockDown Browser, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (to view PDF files), and a file backup application* such as Dropbox or Google Drive

    * While the VCCS provides students with a couple of different file backup applications -- notably Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive -- to use with their school Gmail accounts, it is recommended that students also create their own personal accounts with these applications to retain access to their files long after they stop attending a community college.

    An external hard drive with at least 128 GB of free space can be substituted for a file backup application if you wish to have offline access to your files.

  • Other: At least 1 or 2 USB ports

Academic pricing discounts are available on major computer/tablet brands including:

Student Academic Discount Services (Current List)
HP Dell Apple Microsoft Amazon Prime Student
HP Logo Dell Logo Apple Logo Microsoft Logo Amazon Prime Student Logo
  • To make a purchase through Apple, click here. Note: You must login with an existing Apple ID or create a new one.
  • To make a purchase through Best Buy, click here.
  • To make a purchase through Dell [University], click here.
  • To make a purchase through the Microsoft Education Store, click here.
  • To make a purchase through Amazon Prime Student, click here.

    Student Academic Discount Purchase Notice
    Warning: To take advantage of these academic pricing discounts, you must be a current student at Reynolds Community College or another VCCS institution.

    The phrase current student means that you are either actively enrolled in classes for the current semester, or that you are not actively enrolled in classes for the current semester but you did enroll in classes the previous semester.

    You are not considered a current student (and are deemed ineligible to to take advantage of academic pricing discounts) if you have not been enrolled in classes for the previous two semesters or longer. Eligibility would be restored during the semester that you do re-enroll in classes.

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Information Technology Student Acceptable Use Agreement

The VCCS and Reynolds Information Technology Student Acceptable Use Agreement covers the college's policies regarding ethical behavior concerning the use of computers and technology on campus. The language of this agreement is included in the Policies and Procedures section in the College Catalog:

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Recommended Practices for Cyber Safety

Top Ten Safe Computing Tips, from MIT

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