Health Science I CSC
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Health Science I (Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy)

Career Studies Certificate

PURPOSE: The Health Science I Career Studies Certificate is a career pathway designed to move students from basic entry-level employment skills to foundational professional skills and occupational specific licensure and credentials as a Certified Nurse Aide or a Phlebotomist. The program can also serve as a pathway to a certificate in Dental Assisting or Practical Nursing or an associate of applied science degree in Emergency Medical Services, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing, Opticianry, and Respiratory Therapy.

OCCUPATIONAL OBJECTIVES: The health science educational and career ladder provides a broad foundation of core skills, knowledge, and abilities for employment as entry-level health care workers.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: General college curricular admission 

PROGRAM NOTES: Students new to the college must complete GoToOrientation and attend a new student orientation program. Students enrolling in this program are required to meet with an advisor and enroll in SDV 100 or SDV 101 in the first semester.







SDV 1011 Orientation to Health Science 1


ENG 111 College Composition I 3

3 - 4

Science Options: Select two (2) options based on your program of study  


BIO 1002 Basic Human Biology 3


BIO 1012 General Biology I 4


BIO 1412 Human and Anatomy and Physiology I 4


BIO 1422 Human and Anatomy and Physiology II 4


BIO 1453 Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology 4


BIO 1502 Introductory Microbiology 4


OPT 1054 Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology of the Eye 3


CHM 1015
CHM 1115
Chemistry Elective 4


HIM 1106 Introduction to Human Pathology 3


 Health Science Survey Options: Select one (1) based on your program of study 


HCT 1017 Health Care Technician I 3


MDL 1005 Introduction to Laboratory Technology 2


MDL 105 Phlebotomy 3


HLT 1018 Introduction to the Role of Pharmacy Technician 1


DNA 1009 Introduction to Oral Health Professions 1


CSP 10110 Introduction to Central Sterile Services 1


HIM 1416 Fundamentals of Health Information Systems I 3
  RTH 10218 Integrated Sciences for Respiratory Care 3

6 - 7

Personal Wellness: Select two (2) based on your program of study  


HLT 10511 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 1


EMS 10012 CPR for Health Care Providers 1


PED 10913
PED 11113
PED 11713
HLT 11513
 Personal Wellness Elective 1

8 - 9

 Electives:  Select two (2) based on your program of study 


PSY 23014 Developmental Psychology 3


HLT 1432 Medical Terminology I 3


PHI 2202 Ethics 3


PHI 2272 Bio-Medical Ethics 3


MTH 111 Basic Technical Mathematics 3


MTH 15515 Statistical Reasoning 3


MTH 16115 Precalculus I  3


ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts 3


Health Career Work Experience: Select one (1) based on your program of study  


HLT 19016 Coordinated Internship (health care clinical course) 3-5


MDL 19017 Coordinated Practice in Phlebotomy Training 4


HCT 1027 Health Care Technician II (Nurse Aide II) 4


Health Science I Career Studies Certificate  21-28


1  SDV 100 may be substituted for SDV 101

2  Program-specific--meet with advisor

3  Program-specific for Emergency Medical Services or Medical Laboratory Technology or Health Information Management AAS at Lord Fairfax Community College--meet with advisor

4  Program-specific for Opticianry--meet with advisor

5  Program-specific for Medical Laboratory Technology--meet with advisor

6  Program-specific for Health Information Management--meet with advisor

7  Must be able to pass background check and drug screen; HCT 101 and HCT 102 must be taken concurrently. Negative TB test required for HCT 102

8  Program-specific for Pharmacy Technician--meet with advisor

9  Transferable to VCU; refer to this link:

10 Program-specific for Central Sterile Services--meet with advisor

11 EMS 100 may substitute for HLT 105

12 HLT 105 may substitute for EMS 100

13 Meet with advisor to discuss options based on your program of study

14 Prerequisite for Nursing.  Meets Dental Assisting Certificate and AAS degree requirements for Emergency Medical Services, Medical Laboratory Technology, and Respiratory Therapy as a social/behavioral science elective option

15 Students interested in Medical Laboratory Technology may take either MTH 155 or MTH 161

16 Students must contact the program head for permission to register.  If required, must be able to pass background check and drug screen

17 Meet with advisor.  Students will complete the requirements in 40 hours for three weeks.  Must be able to pass background check and drug screen

18 Meet with advisor.  Program-specific for Respiratory Therapy






Name Program Email Phone
Nakia Austin Health Science I CSC 804/523-5009
Benny Cherian Health Science I CSC 804/523-5013
Leah Exline Health Science I CSC 804/523-5415
Karen Grove Health Science I CSC 804/523-5247
Phyllis James Health Science I CSC 804/601-4398
April Jarrell Health Science I CSC 804/523-5015
Alicia Jones Health Science I CSC 804/523-5011
Joy Kolovich Health Science I CSC 804/523-5478
Kimberly McIntyre Health Science I CSC 804/523-5577
Donna (Gayle) Melberg Health Science I CSC 804/523-5763
David Minoza Health Science I CSC 804/523-5380
Jillian Newbauer Health Science I CSC 804/523-5159
Amy Nunnally Health Science I CSC 804/523-5160
Carolyn Parrish Health Science I CSC 804/523-5626
Nancy Pridgen Health Science I CSC 804/523-5536
Melinda Ripley Health Science I CSC 804/523-5762
Robin Shepherd Health Science I CSC 804/523-5527
Stephen Sowulewski Health Science I CSC 804/523-5528
Lisa Stone Health Science I CSC 804/523-5758


Common Job Titles1: Assistant Speech-Language Pathologist; Certified Endoscopy Technician; Certified Flex Endoscope Reprocessor; Certified Flexible Endoscope Reprocessor (CFER); Certified Flexible Endoscopy Reprocessor; Chief Technician; Communication Assistant; Endoscope Technician; Endoscopy Specialty Technician; Endoscopy Technician; Endoscopy Technician; Gastrointestinal Technician (GI Technician); Speech - Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA); Speech Language Pathologist Assistant; Speech Language Pathology Assistant; Speech Pathologist Assistant; Speech Therapist Technician; Speech and Language Assistant; Speech and Language Tutor; Speech-Language Assistant

Labor Market Statistics (Richmond, MSA)

Projected Employment (2029): 242

Current Wage Range (Entry - Experienced): $31,000 - $50,700

Common Job Titles1: Certified Medical Assistant (CMA); Chiropractor Assistant; Clinical Assistant; Doctor's Assistant; Medical Assistant (MA); Medical Office Assistant; Ophthalmic Technician; Optometric Assistant; Optometric Technician; Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)

Labor Market Statistics (Richmond, MSA)

Projected Employment (2029): 3,419

Current Wage Range (Entry - Experienced): $25,000 - $36,800

Common Job Titles1: Central Processing Technician (CPT); Central Service Technician (CST); Central Sterile Supply Technician (CSS Technician); Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST); Instrument Technician; Sterile Preparation Technician; Sterile Processing Technician; Sterile Processing and Distribution Technician (SPD Technician); Sterile Technician; Sterilization Technician

Labor Market Statistics (Richmond, MSA)

Projected Employment (2029): 297

Current Wage Range (Entry - Experienced): $27,100 - $46,800

Common Job Titles1: Certified Medication Aide (CMA); Certified Nurse Aide (CNA); Certified Nurses Aide (CNA); Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA); Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA); Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA); Nurses' Aide; Nursing Aide; Nursing Assistant; State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA)

Labor Market Statistics (Richmond, MSA)

Projected Employment (2029): 7,838

Current Wage Range (Entry - Experienced): $22,600 - $30,500

Common Job Titles1: Lab Asst; Patient Service Technician PST; Phlebotomist; Phlebotomist Supervisor/Instructor; Phlebotomist, Medical Lab Assistant; Phlebotomy Director; Phlebotomy Program Coordinator; Phlebotomy Supervisor; Registered Phlebotomist-Part Time

Labor Market Statistics (Richmond, MSA)

Projected Employment (2029): 1,025

Current Wage Range (Entry - Experienced): $26,000 - $41,200

Bright Outlook Bright Outlook occupations are expected to have rapid growth over the next 10-years (employment increase of 10% or more in the Richmond, MSA over the period of 2019-2029) or are expected to have a high demand (projected to have 750 or more job openings in the Richmond, MSA over the period of 2019-2029).

1 This program may prepare you for one or more of the listed jobs; however, graduates may not be qualified for all of the jobs listed in this section.

Reynolds Community College makes every attempt to provide students with the best, most accuarate information possible. The data was sourced from external agencies (O*NET and JobsEQ) on January 29, 2020.