Pharmacy Technician

Career Studies Certificate

PURPOSE: The Pharmacy Technician program is designed to prepare students to assist and support licensed pharmacists in providing health care and medications to patients. Students will obtain a broad knowledge of pharmacy practice and be skilled in the techniques required to order, stock, package, prepare, and dispense medications under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.

OCCUPATIONAL OBJECTIVES: Pharmacy technicians work in the following types of pharmacies: hospitals, retail, home health care, nursing homes, clinics, nuclear medicine, and mail order. Pharmacy technicians can be employed with medical insurance companies, pharmacy software companies, drug manufacturing and wholesale companies, food processing companies, and as instructors in pharmacy technician training programs. Currently, hospital, home health care, and retail pharmacies hire the majority of technicians.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: General college curricular admission

PROGRAM NOTES: Students must place out of or complete MDE 10 either prior to or concurrently with HLT 261 - Basic Pharmacy I. Students choosing to enroll in HLT 290 must have transportation and must be able to complete the 160-hour internship of HLT 290. Students may have to complete hours during the day, evening, or weekend, depending on the internship site. Students must pass HLT 143, HLT 250, and HLT 261 with a "C" or better to advance to HLT 262, HLT 290, or HLT 298.

Courses in this program may not be offered every semester; please see the program head for scheduling.






HLT 101 Introduction to the Role of Pharmacy Technician 1


HLT 143 Medical Terminology I 3


HLT 250 General Pharmacology 3


HLT 261 Basic Pharmacy I 3


HLT 262 Basic Pharmacy II 3


HLT 298
HLT 290
Seminar and Project in Health (Pharmacy Technician)
Coordinated Internship


Pharmacy Technician Career Studies Certificate 17


Name Program Email Phone
Pramod Jain Pharmacy Technician CSC 804/523-5375

Common Job Titles1: Accredited Pharmacy Technician; Billing and Quality Technician; Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT); Compounding Technician; Lead Pharmacy Tech, Certified Pharmacy Technician (Lead Pharmacy Tech, CPhT); Lead Pharmacy Technician (Lead Pharmacy Tech); Pharmacy Technician (Pharmacy Tech); Senior Pharmacy Technician; Technician; Technician, Inventory Specialist

Labor Market Statistics (Richmond, MSA)

Projected Employment (2029): 1,898

Current Wage Range (Entry - Experienced): $23,000 - $37,600

Bright Outlook Bright Outlook occupations are expected to have rapid growth over the next 10-years (employment increase of 10% or more in the Richmond, MSA over the period of 2019-2029) or are expected to have a high demand (projected to have 750 or more job openings in the Richmond, MSA over the period of 2019-2029).

1 This program may prepare you for one or more of the listed jobs; however, graduates may not be qualified for all of the jobs listed in this section.

Reynolds Community College makes every attempt to provide students with the best, most accurate information possible. The data was sourced from external agencies (O*NET and JobsEQ) on January 29, 2020.