Substance Abuse Counseling Education

Career Studies Certificate

PURPOSE: The Human Services program offers a career studies certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling Education designed to prepare students with the requisite professional knowledge, intervention skills, and values for delivering services in substance abuse counseling programs and addictions treatment. Courses in this curriculum can be used to meet the certification requirements of substance abuse counselors and substance abuse counseling assistants designated by the Health Professions Board of Counseling in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

OCCUPATIONAL OBJECTIVES: Graduates may be employed in a variety of settings, including, but not limited to, hospital and residential-based treatment programs, community-based treatment programs, group homes, homeless shelters, residential halfway houses, and institutional and community-based juvenile and adult corrections. Students in recovery for a minimum of 2 years are also eligible to become credentialed as Peer Recovery Coaches and/or Certified Peer Recovery Specialists by external credentialing bodies.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: General college curricular admission

PROGRAM NOTES: In addition to the general college curricular admission requirements, an interview with the Human Services program head is required. While a face-to-face interview is preferable, an interview can also be conducted via telephone or electronic conference. Students should see their program advisor for information on the certification requirements of the Virginia Health Professions Board of Counseling for credentialing certified substance abuse counselors and certified substance abuse counselor assistants.

1). Students should meet with their faculty advisor at least once per academic semester and check their advisement report by accessing their Student Information System (SIS) portal.

2). Some agency internship sites may require criminal background, sex offender registry checks, and a TB screening as a condition for placement. When this is the case, students will be expected to cover any costs incurred.

3). Students who have past felony records; especially those that include barrier crimes in the state of Virginia or are on the sex offender registry in any state will not be able to secure internships that provide services to children or the elderly and may find it difficult being placed in other internship training sites. This, in turn, would prevent them from completing requirements for the CSA in Substance Abuse Counseling Education and/or becoming credentialed as a CSAC-A or CSAC by the VA Health Professions Board of Counseling.






CST 110 or ENG 111

Introduction to Speech Communication or College Composition I



HLT 121

Introduction to Drug Use and Abuse



HMS 260

Substance Abuse Counseling



HMS 220

Addiction and Prevention



HMS 270

Treatment Systems



HMS 258

Case Management and Substance Abuse



HMS 266

Counseling Psychology



HMS 2901

Coordinated Internship in Human Services



Substance Abuse Counseling Education Career Studies Certificate



1Student must meet with program advisor the semester prior to enrolling in course.

Name Program Email Phone
Natasha Evans Substance Abuse Counseling CSC 804/687-7197
Pamela Ratliff Substance Abuse Counseling CSC 804/523-5535

Common Job Titles1: Addictions Counselor; Case Manager; Chemical Dependency Counselor (CD Counselor); Chemical Dependency Professional; Clinical Counselor; Correctional Substance Abuse Counselor; Counselor; Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist (DATS); Prevention Specialist; Substance Abuse Counselor (SA Counselor)

Labor Market Statistics (Richmond, MSA)

Projected Employment (2029): 798

Current Wage Range (Entry - Experienced): $33,300 - $54,600

Bright Outlook Bright Outlook occupations are expected to have rapid growth over the next 10-years (employment increase of 10% or more in the Richmond, MSA over the period of 2019-2029) or are expected to have a high demand (projected to have 750 or more job openings in the Richmond, MSA over the period of 2019-2029).

1 This program may prepare you for one or more of the listed jobs; however, graduates may not be qualified for all of the jobs listed in this section.

Reynolds Community College makes every attempt to provide students with the best, most accurate information possible. The data was sourced from external agencies (O*NET and JobsEQ) on January 29, 2020.