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Business Administration

Associate of Science

PURPOSE: With the rapid development of business and industry in Virginia, there is a great demand for qualified personnel in business administration to provide leadership for this economic growth. The Associate of Science degree with a major in Business Administration is designed for persons who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a baccalaureate degree in business administration.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: General college curricular admission

PROGRAM NOTES: The following high school units are strongly recommended: four units of English, three units of college preparatory mathematics, and one unit of laboratory science. This curriculum requires courses in mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, and health and physical education, in addition to principles of economics and accounting, which are usually required in the first two years of a baccalaureate business administration curriculum. With the assistance of their advisor, students are urged to acquaint themselves with the requirements of the major department in the institution to which transfer is contemplated. Students are advised to complete the AS degree at the community college, choosing courses that satisfy the mathematics, laboratory science and elective requirements of the four-year college as well as the AS degree. If students contemplate transferring to an out-of-state college, they should also make contact with the four-year college and consult that college’s catalog before deciding which courses to take.

COMPUTER COMPETENCY REQUIREMENT: Students in this program will meet the college’s computer competency requirement by successfully completing ITE 115. Students can also meet this requirement by passing the college’s computer competency exam, administered in the testing centers on each campus, in which case they will receive college credit for ITE 115. Students not passing the computer competency exam may retake the exam only once.

FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY TRANSFER INFORMATION: Additional information regarding transfer requirements for JMU, VSU, ODU, UVA Continuing and Professional Studies, MBC Adult Degree Program in Richmond, Longwood University, and UR SPCS is available at






SDV 100

College Success Skills



ENG 111

College Composition I



BUS 100

Introduction to Business



ITE 115

Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts 3



Personal Wellness Elective




Humanities/Fine Arts/Literature Elective



MTH 1615  Precalculus I  3


______4  History Elective:  United States History or Western Civilization  3


ENG 112  College Composition II  3


MTH 2615  Applied Calculus 1  3


ITE 140
ITE 150
Spreadsheet Software (Excel)
Desktop Database Software (Access)


ECO 201  Principles of Economics I - Macroeconomics  3


______4 History Elective:  United States History or Western Civilization 3


ACC 211 Principles of Accounting I 3


CST 100
CST 110
Principles of Public Speaking 
Introduction to Communications


______1 Laboratory Science Elective:  BIO 101 - General Biology I 4


ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics 3


ACC 212

Principles of Accounting II




Any 200-Level Literature Course




Laboratory Science Elective:  BIO 102 - General Biology II
or BIO 107 - Biology of the Environment




Approved Elective



Business Administration Associate of Science 61


1 A list of approved general education electives (humanities/fine arts/literature, social/behavioral sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, and personal wellness) is provided in the General Education section of the catalog under Curriculum Planning and Design. Students planning to transfer must take two semesters of laboratory sciences.

2 Personal wellness courses and non-transfer math courses may not be used to satisfy this approved elective.  Students planning to transfer to institutions other than VCU may also select from the list of approved general education electives (humanities/fine arts, social/behavioral sciences, mathematics, and science) that is provided in the General Education section of the catalog under Curriculum Planning and Design. 

3 In addition to the Reynolds Business Administration program's MTH 161 and MTH 261 requirements, the business programs of the following senior institutions require MTH 245: College of William and Mary, Radford University, JMU, University of Richmond, and University of Virginia. If majoring in Information Systems at VCU, students should take an additional math course at Reynolds: MTH 288. MTH 263 is a prerequisite for MTH 288.

4 Students planning to transfer to Virginia State University (VSU) as 3rd year business school majors must complete the following courses at Reynolds rather than the ones listed in the table above: World History or World Geography elective, BUS 240, BUS 220,  CST 229, MTH 162, and FIN 107.

5 Students transferring to Virginia Commonwealth University are required to complete a semester of precalculus and a semester of calculus. If transferring to another university, students should see the program head for substitution of an appropriate math course.


Students are reminded that AS degrees are required to have 6 credits of humanities and fine arts courses and should consult an advisor to make sure the appropriate elective is taken to fulfill this requirement.  A literature course is recommended.  





Name Program Email Phone
Sheila Betz Business Administration AS 804/523-5280
Melissa Brooks Business Administration AS 804/523-5605
Glenna Bryant Business Administration AS 804/523-5490
Clarence (Douglas) Cobbs Business Administration AS 804/523-5495
Beverly Davis Business Administration AS 804/523-5520
Sarah Jessie Business Administration AS 804/523-5489
Jesse Miller Business Administration AS 804/523-5070
Christopher Osuanah Business Administration AS 804/523-5481
Darren Rounds Business Administration AS 804/523-5781
Sheila Watters Business Administration AS 804/523-5190