Majors by Career
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The culinary program prepares you for lifelong career progression within the hospitality, foodservice, and tourism industries through a combination of theoretical classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory work. Graduates will enter kitchens as professional cooks or entry-level supervisors and managers in hotels, resorts, restaurants, catering operations, and a variety of retail businesses. National certifications are available through external agencies.

The horticulture program prepares you for careers in farming and organic food production, nursery and garden or greenhouse management, flower arranging, or landscape design and turf management. People may work in private corporations or businesses, or local government parks and gardens. Some employees in this field pursue the science behind preserving the environment through research in a laboratory. A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree are often necessary for these positions.

The Career Studies Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture is designed for persons interested in producing food crops for personal consumption or for sale to the public through farmers’ markets and other direct-to-consumer marketing strategies. With the rapid growth in planning, production, and marketing of organically produced foods, there is an increasing need for qualified personnel trained in sustainable agriculture and organic food production methods. 

AAS Associate of Applied Science | AA Associate of Arts | AS Associate of Science | C Certificate | CSC Career Studies Certificate