Majors by Career
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A wide range of positions are available in the legal and public safety fields. Legal professionals, known as paralegals, may work in government offices/agencies, courthouses, in-house corporations, or private law firms. The Paralegal Studies Associate of Applied Science degree prepares individuals to perform as legal assistants or paralegals under the supervision of an attorney. The program is approved by the American Bar Association. The Administration of Justice program is designed for students who are planning careers in law enforcement, corrections (juvenile and adult), or employment in related agencies.

Our public safety programs prepare you for careers as emergency medical technicians. The Emergency Medical Services-Paramedic AAS program is designed for students desiring to advance and acquire knowledge in emergency medical services fundamentals useful in related occupations. Some occupations include: Rescue Service, Emergency Medical Service, EMS Chief, Emergency Manager, and Emergency Services Administrators.

Workers in law and public safety are knowledgeable about local, state, and federal rules and laws. They are physically fit, and able to pass background and drug tests. Some positions may also require specialized training in a police or firefighter academy, or a bachelor’s or master’s degree to advance into supervisory roles.

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