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The Reynolds Office of Marketing manages advertising, brand management, graphic design, publications and printing, strategic marketing, and web design and development. We’re also pretty fun. Contact us at (804) 523-5231 or or fill out our work request form here. Though there is no cost for design services, printing and product production will require a budget code for charging.

With notice, the Marketing team can print up to 100 copies in-house at no cost. 

Why should I contact the Office of Marketing?

  • To order merchandise and promotional items featuring the Reynolds logo (be sure to include your budget code to expedite the order)
  • To order critical publications that need professional design services
  • To customize the Reynolds tagline to feature your program or audience
  • To show final proofs of items designed with the Reynolds logo before they are printed or produced
  • For any questions relating to the Reynolds brand that are not addressed here

When should I contact the Office of Marketing?

  • Four weeks prior to your deadline for small publications such as postcards, invitations, and flyers.
  • Eight to 12 weeks prior to your deadline for large publications such as booklets and brochures.
  • Six to eight weeks prior to your deadline for merchandise with the Reynolds logo.
  • Four weeks prior to your deadline to customize Reynolds logos and taglines.

Notice of Print Procurement: 
The Virginia State procurement guidelines require the college, as a state agency, use Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE) for all printing services. This includes traditional printing (brochures, booklets, catalogs, etc.) as well as printed merchandise (t-shirts, banners, tote bags, stickers, etc.). If VCE is unable to perform the work due to required specifications and/or deadline, they issue a waiver. Reynolds may then use a registered eVA and SWAM vendor for print purchases under $5,000. Please procure printing through the Reynolds Community College Office of Marketing.