Department of Police


If a tornado warning or severe weather system with the potential to cause damage has been issued, Seek shelter immediately in the nearest interior hardened structure with limited number of windows/skylights.

Campus shelter locations are as follows:

Parham Road Campus

  • LTC/Massey Building – Auditorium
  • Georgiadis Hall – B001, B004, B009, B012, B013 and hallways
  • Burnette Hall Burnette Hall – Interior 1st floor rooms 103, 105, 107, 109, 163, 165, 171, 173, women’s restrooms located next to room 165, men’s restrooms located next to rooms 171 and 103
  • Welcome Center – Receiving room (ensure garage door is closed)
  • Workforce – 1st Floor Conference Center, rooms 100 A, B, and C Interior 1st floor rooms, Women’s Restrooms o Men’s Restrooms
  • Facilities – Restrooms
  • Warehouse – Break room that has a restroom if none of the shelters, locations is available or accessible and then utilize the lower level restrooms and the interior hallways that do not have exterior windows.

Downtown Campus

  • First Floor Auditorium and restrooms

Goochland Campus

  • Building C20 Lower level interior hallways, restrooms, student lounge
  • Building C01 Lower level immediate areas outside restrooms, and restrooms


  • Storeroom 1st floor
  • Basement



Ext. 655911 from an on-campus phone.
(804) 523-5911

Ext. 655219 from an on-campus phone.
(804) 523-5219

Crime report phone number update (655911)

Parham Road Campus
Communications Center and Headquarters
Burnette Hall, Suite 100
(804) 523-5219

Downtown Campus  
Room 122
(804) 523-5219

Goochland Campus  
(804) 523-5407

The Kitchens
2500 Nine Mile Road