Honors at Reynolds

Where Outstanding Honors Students Get Started

The Honors Program strives to reflect the diversity and spirit of achievement embodied in each of our Reynolds students. For eligibility requirements, see our Admissions page.  

Benefits include:

  • Smaller, seminar-style classes
  • Scholarship funds 
  • Competitive edge for transfer ...  and more!

About Reynolds Honors

The Reynolds Honors Program is meant to foster the sustained intellectual growth and personal development of students as they develop the confidence and skills necessary for continued academic and professional leadership, while also helping facilitate successful transfer to 4-year colleges and universities.

This program helps all students to enhance their critical thinking and communication skills, to identify clear educational and personal goals, and to pursue those goals with a sense of purpose and meaning.


What Makes an Honors class?

 Students accepted into the Honors Program participate in more advanced, complex academic work based on four foundational pillars: critical thinking, independent research, interdisciplinary learning, and engagement. All Honors courses contain these four components: 

  • Critical Thinking: teaching students reflective processes that lead to better habits of mind; comprehensive and nuanced consideration of issues and topics, well beyond basic defining and understanding; assignments and activities emphasize analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, along with the application of skills and concepts
  • Independent Research: instruction in how to research successfully in the disciplines, along with opportunities to collect, evaluate, and synthesize research in the execution of extended projects and activities
  • Interdisciplinary Learning: emphasizes reaching across conventional disciplinary boundaries, considering the connections and implications of other fields of study and disciplinary approaches 
  • Engagement: emphasizes the development of collaborative learning skills, student participation in leadership roles in the classroom, application of experiential learning, recognition of professional responsibilities, as well as engagement on an ideological level. Focuses on students as part of multiple, overlapping communities: academic, local, national, and global, in order to expand worldview and perspective.



Any student can apply for a seat in one of our designated Honors classes by using the Course Permission process. Consult the current list of Honors classes and apply! Honors courses will help your transcript stand out and will allow you to thrive in smaller classes with dynamic faculty & student interaction.

Students with excellent academic records should consider applying to the Honors Program for even more benefits, including scholarship funds, priority registration, specialized workshops/social events for Honors students... see the full benefit list here.