Honors at Reynolds


Honors Goals

The Reynolds Honors Program builds upon the college’s central mission of providing strong academic foundations, fostering the habits of lifelong learning, and encouraging intellectual inquiry. These foundations help create a community of highly motivated and intellectually curious students who, through collaboration with dedicated faculty, will be prepared for the challenges of university degree programs and beyond.


One means for distinguishing the academic work required in honors courses from that in other courses is its enhancement and encouragement of higher order thinking skills, such as analysis, evaluation, creation, and application.  It is important to note that while the amount of work in honors courses may not differ significantly from other courses, the intellectual rigor of honors courses will serve as the chief hallmark of their composition.

Students in the Honors Program at Reynolds will:

  • Engage in critical thinking, reading, and writing in order to explore diverse disciplinary content, as well as campus, community, social and global issues
  • Participate actively in small classes focusing on experiential and collaborative learning, as well as independent scholarly exploration
  • Undertake challenging coursework, research, and rigorous academic inquiry in a seminar-style environment that promotes innovation, robust discussion and interdisciplinary approaches
  • Develop skills that support intellectual engagement, personal growth, academic success, and lifelong learning
  • Cultivate a sense of connectedness to larger academic, social, ecological, and global communities


  • Access to substantial additional scholarship funds
  • Competitive edge for transfer students
  • Intellectually challenging courses
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Priority registration
  • Highly motivated peers
  • Special events, workshops, and Honors student organization
  • Seminar-style classes, emphasis on discussion
  • Transfer agreements with VCU Honors College and JMU Honors College (direct admission to Honors College for Honors Program students who complete full Honors curriculum and graduate with AA/AS degree. Dependant upon general admission to university prior to Honors College application. For details of these admissions agreements please speak with the Honors Program Coordinator)
  • Opportunities for increased faculty mentoring
  • Honors student representation on Honors Steering Committee
  • Emphasis on learner-centered, learner-directed teaching
  • Opportunities for service & experiential learning, like field trips and hands-on learning
  • Recognition at commencement
  • Honors certification on diploma (for students who complete full Honors curriculum

Honors Engagement Point System (HEPS)

FORM: Found on Canvas under Modules.

WHAT? Here at Reynolds, you will be able to earn points for a variety of activities associated with engagement in class, on campus, and in your greater professional and personal communities.  See the table below for point values associated with different opportunities.


Honors engagement opportunity Point value
External volunteering (church, community) 1
Honors service project involvement 2
Attend Multicultural/Student Life/Science Night/Campus events 2
Attend Honors social events 2
Write piece for Honors newsletter, blog, media posts 2
Take an Honors course 3
Attend an Honors Community Hour 3
Complete Orientation modules in Canvas 3
Attend Orientation 3
Sit on Honors Steering Committee 5
Volunteer for information tables/open houses/high school visits 5
Attend/volunteer for Virginia Collegiate Honors Council meeting 5
Present work at conference/submit manuscript for publication 10


HOW?  You attend or participate in a point-earning experience, it is your responsibility to complete the form.  Note you must provide your name, name and date of event, some contextual information, and importantly, a signature from a faculty member/event coordinator/event leader.  Points will be tracked by the Honors Program Administrative Assistant, Summer Anderson.  However, it is your responsibility to turn in your point forms ASAP after an event.  You do not need to turn in a form for any Honors courses you take in a given semester--we will do that one for you!


WHEN? Points will be tracked per academic year.  At the spring semester Honors Graduation Luncheon, we will recognize the Reynolds Honors Student of the Year.  The Honors Student of the Year must be an Honors Student in good standing (maintaining 3.5 GPA), and have accrued 20 or more HEPS points.  Any students meeting these criteria will be placed on a ballot.  Honors students, faculty, and steering committee members will vote for Reynolds Honors Student of the Year.