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Reynolds is offering the following classes during a special 10-Week session. Classes start the week of September 28. 

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Course Details: Principles of Accounting - ACC 212

Course Description

Introduces accounting principles with respect to cost and managerial accounting. Focuses on the application of accounting information with respect to product costing as well as its use within the organization to provide direction and to judge performance.


Class Number 44126 Title Principles of Accounting II
Subject Accounting (ACC) Instructor Alan Foster
Credits 3 Section DL06



Course Details: Introduction to Business - BUS 100

Course Description

Presents a broad introduction to the functioning of business enterprise within the U.S. economic framework. Introduces economic systems essential elements of business organization production human resource management marketing finance and risk management. Develops business vocabulary.


Class Number 30943 Title Introduction to Business
Subject Business Management/Administration (BUS) Instructor Staff
Credits 3 Section DL10


Biology I

Course Details: General Biology I - BIO 101

Course Description

Focuses on foundations in cellular structure metabolism and genetics in an evolutionary context. Explores the core concepts of evolution; structure and function; information flow storage and exchange; pathways and transformations of energy and matter; and systems biology. Emphasizes process of science interdisciplinary approach and relevance of biology to society. Part I of a two-course sequence.


Class Number 54063 Title General Biology I
Subject Biology Instructor Jennifer Uerz
Credits 4 Section DL12



Course Details: Principles of Macroeconomics - ECO 201

Course Description

Introduces macroeconomics including the study of Keynesian classical monetarist principles and theories; the study of national economic growth inflation recession unemployment financial markets money and banking; and the role of government spending and taxation along with international trade and investments.


Class Number 54115 Title Principles of Macroeconomics
Subject Economics Instructor Staff
Credits 3 Section DL08

Course Details: Principles of Microeconomics - ECO 202

Course Description

Introduces the basic concepts of microeconomics. Explores the free market concepts with coverage of economic models and graphs scarcity and choices supply and demand elasticities marginal benefits and costs profits and production and distribution.


Class Number 54114 Title Principles of Microeconomics
Subject Economics Instructor Staff
Credits 3 Section DL05



Course Details: College Composition - ENG 111

Course Description

Introduces students to critical thinking and the fundamentals of academic writing. Through the writing process students refine topics; develop and support ideas; investigate evaluate and incorporate appropriate resources; edit for effective style and usage; and determine appropriate approaches for a variety of contexts audiences and purposes. Writing activities will include exposition and argumentation with at least one researched essay. ENG 111 has been designated as a "writing intensive" course according to standards developed by the English department.  


Class Number 54111 Title College Composition I
Subject English Instructor Leslie Jones
Credits 3 Section 85HP



Course Details: History of Western Civilization I - HIS 101

Course Description

Examines the development of western civilization from ancient times to the mid-seventeenth century.


Class Number 54113 Title History of Wes Civ I
Subject History Instructor John Amoroso
Credits 3 Section DL13



Course Details: Quantitative Reasoning - MTH 154

Course Description

Presents topics in proportional reasoning modeling financial literacy and validity studies (logic and set theory). Focuses on the process of taking a real-world situation identifying the mathematical foundation needed to address the problem solving the problem and applying what is learned to the original situation. Replaces MTH 151 MTH 152 MTH 158 or MTH 170.


Class Number 54069 Title Quantitative Reasoning
Subject Mathematics Instructor Patricia Johnson
Credits 3 Section DL07

 Course Details: Statistics - MTH 245

Course Description

Presents an overview of statistics including descriptive statistics elementary probability distributions estimation hypothesis testing correlation and linear regression. Credit will not be awarded for both MTH 155 - Statistical Reasoning and MTH 245 - Statistics I or equivalent.


Class Number 54071 Title Statistics I
Subject Mathematics Instructor James Wolfe
Credits 3 Section DL06

 Course Details: Calculus I - MTH 263

Course Description

Presents concepts of limits derivatives differentiation of various types of functions and use of differentiation rules application of differentiation antiderivatives and integrals. This course replaces MTH 173 or MTH 175 or MTH 273 and is the first course in a three-course sequence.


Class Number 54072 Title Calculus I
Subject Mathematics Instructor Samuel Horelick
Credits 3 Section DL05



Course Details: Principles of Psychology - PSY 200

Course Description

Surveys the basic concepts of psychology. Covers the scientific study of behavior and mental processes research methods and measurement theoretical perspectives and application. Includes biological bases of behavior learning social interactions memory and personality; and other topics such as sensation perception consciousness thinking intelligence language motivation emotion health development psychological disorders and therapy.


Class Number 54112 Title Principles of Psychology
Subject Psychology Instructor Pamela Parent
Credits 3 Section DL15