Career planning is a process that can help people decide on a curriculum, or what career to pursue. Knowledge of the process is helpful and can give you an edge over people who do not take charge of their career planning. Career planning is not only for students but also for professionals looking for a career change or for individuals looking for something to do in retirement.

Did you know? Appointments are necessary for individualized career planning services. A college application has to be on file with the intention of enrolling to obtain services.

Here are the types of Career assessments offered by career counselors at Reynolds:
1. Virginia Wizard
2. O*net Interest Profiler
3. Career Fitter

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iGrad is not only a great resource for personal finance management, but so much more, including career planning. Reynolds Community College, through its partnership with ECMC Solutions, is proud to make iGrad's platform available to students and alumni alike. Did you know your iGrad account never expires?

That's right. You'll always have access to tools like iGrad's Job Genius Search Engine as you build your career and financial future. To see all iGrad has to offer, use the links below:

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Creating a successful resume

How to get your resume current in the midst of COVID-19