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In an effort to keep the cost of attending college down, Reynolds is exploring options that provide students with textbooks and other materials that are:

  • No Cost - Free, legally obtained, and still meet a high academic standard.  Open Educational Resources,  OER, are available from day one of class, free to access before & after the term & customizable. 

    Look for this note: This section does not require the purchase of a textbook or additional course materials.
  • Low Cost - Sometimes faculty can find course materials that cost less than $40 called LT40

    Look for this note: All materials for this course (ie. textbooks, handouts, lab manuals, etc.) have a combined cost of less than $40 per student.

Keep in mind that OER, or Open Educational Resources, are openly licensed learning materials that anyone can use, share, edit & distribute.  These resources are produced under the Creative Commons licenses, which mean the authors have made their resources available to the public for free! Below is a list of known courses using free or low cost materials.


List of Reynolds Courses Using No/Low Cost Text Materials.                                         

Course #Course NameInstructors
 ART 100

Art Appreciation

Fehner, Mullins

ASL 125

History & Culture of Deaf Community


 BIO 106

Life Science

Holman, Upadhyaya

 BIO 107

Biology of the Environment

Anthony, Klein-Taylor, Maddux, Upadhyaya

 BUS 100 Introduction to Business Osuanah, Watters
 CHD 146 Math, Science and Social Studies for Children Daniel
 CHD 265 Advanced Observation and Participation in Early Childhood/Primary Setting White
 CST 100

Principles of Public Speaking

Goodwin, Stern

 CST 151

Film Appreciation I


 ECO 201

Principles of Macroeconomics


 ECO 202

Principles of Microeconomics


 EDE 10

English Composition Preparation

Creel, Brandon, Hitchcock, Jasiczek, Lytton

 EDE 11

English Composition Readiness

Bega, Brandon, Gray, Hitchcock, Jasiczek, King, Lytton, Pallay, Watson, Weaver

 EDU 200

Intro Teaching as a Profession


 EDU 235

Health Safety and Nutrition Education 


 EGR 251

Basic Electric Circuits I


 ENG 111

College Composition I

Bega, Bensen, Brandon, Gehman, Gray, Hitchcock, Jasiczek, King, Lapekas, Levy, Lytton, Mustachio, Pallay, Prentiss, Ramos, Rosecrans, Steele, Vanderwill, Watson, Weaver 

 ENG 112

College Composition II

Bensen, Brandon, Gray, Hitchcock, King, Lapekas, Levy, Lytton, Mustachio, Pallay, Prentiss, Reinhardt, Rosecrans, Steele, Vanderwill, Watson, Weaver

 ENG 137 Communication Processes I Levy
 ENG 210 Advanced Composition Bensen, Pallay, Prentiss
 ENG 241 Survey American Literature I Brandon, Lapekas, Levy, Lytton, Prentiss, Ramos*, Rosecrans, Steele, Vanderwill
 ENG 242 Survey American Literature II Brandon, Gray, King, Levy, Lytton, Ramos, Rosecrans, Watson, Weaver
 ENG 250 Children's Literature Bensen
 ENG 254 Survey of African American Literature II Ramos*
 GEO 210 Intro to Culture and Geography Golden
 HCT 110  Therapeutic Communication in Health Care Setting Fuller
 HIS 101 History of Western Civilization I DeMayo, Duncan, Pell, Stoll, Thomas
 HIS 102 History of Western Civilization II DeMayo, Stoll, Thomas
 HIS 111 History of World Civilizations I DeMayo
 HIS 121 United States History I DeMayo, Maddrea, Pell, Quenstedt, Stoll, Thomas
 HIS 122 United States History II DeMayo, Maddrea, Quenstedt, Stoll, Thomas
 HIS 141 African American History I Adeyemi
 HLT 121 Introduction to Drug Use & Abuse Shepherd
 HLT 143 Medical Terminology I Austin, Barrett, James, Shepherd
 HLT 145 Ethics for Health Care Personnel Loochtan
 HUM 100 Survey of the Humanities Fehner, Negri
 ITD 132 Structured Query Language Dust
 ITD 298 Web Design Capstone Shelton
 ITE 298 Computer Applications Shelton
 ITP 136 C# Programming I Shelton
 ITP 236 C# Programming II Dust
 ITP 298 Seminar & Project in Information Technology Programming: Programming Capstone Dust
 MTH 167 Precalculus with Trigonometry Wolfle
 MTH 261 Applied Calculus I Horelick
 MTH 263 Calculus I Horelick
 MTH 264 Calculus II Horelick
 MTH 288 Discrete Mathematics Horelick
 MUS 225 History of Jazz Negri
 PED 117 Fitness Walking Shepherd
 PHI 220 Ethics Carey
 SOC 200 Principles of Sociology D'Andrea*
 SOC 211 Principles of Anthropology D'Andrea
 SPA 101 Beginning Spanish I Quintero
 SPA 102 Beginning Spanish II Quintero, Lopez
 SDV 100 College Success Skills Baugh, Boone, Carroll-Payne, Foster, Fuller, Henle, Jones, Johnson, Lomax-Brown, Poindexter, Sims, Wagner, Young
 SDV 101 Orientation to Health Sciences James, Shepherd
 SDV 101 Orientation to STEM Disciplines Adams, Clay, Neely-Fisher
 SDV 101 Orientation to Teacher Prep Larue

 *Denotes Low-Cost Textbook (under $40)

  Note: Not all courses are offered every semester in every format.

Free Textbooks

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