For students seeking assistance from Veteran Services, you may receive services by one of the following ways.

  • Email: Please send an email to and someone will respond to your email within 24 business hours from the time of your submission.
  • Phone: Call the VERITAS Veterans Liaison at 804-523-5656 or the School Certifying Official/Veteran Services Coordinator at 804-523-5658 and someone will respond to your message within 24 business hours from the time of your submission.


About us

Veterans Resource Center

The mission of the Veterans Resource Center at Reynolds is to assist Veterans, active duty service members, guardsmen, reservists, and dependents in making a successful transition into the Reynolds community. Our goal is to help these students with academic services including transitioning into Reynolds; advising on admissions, benefits, financial aid assistance, counseling and disability services; and assistance with career transition.

For assistance, please contact the Veteran's Liaison at 804-523-5656.

Located within the Office of Student Affairs, the Veterans Resource Center understands the transition to student life can be challenging, yet rewarding. We are grateful to you and your family members for your service to our country. We are dedicated to providing the services you need from application to graduation and beyond.

Veterans Certification Office

The dedicated Veteran Certification Office at Reynolds Community College processes your paper work for education benefits, and we work in accordance with federal and state regulation so you can stay focused on earning your degree.

Reynolds work directly with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide information about the classes you're taking. We certify to the VA that you are on track with your program and all courses you're taking are applicable to your program plan.


Both Reynolds and the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) are proud to offer veterans the career and academic online tool Credits2Careers. C2C is designed specifically for prospective military and veteran students, providing them a tool to research how their previous education and military experience applies to college credits toward to a degree or certificate.

To learn more about the credits you have earned and deserve, create a C2C account and load your military transcript to get a complete estimate of college credits for your military experience, explore careers, find a degree you desire and much more.

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