For Students

Enrollment Certification

All students receiving benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs must submit the Certification Request Form each semester. Our office certifies enrolment to the VA for processing. The VA determines eligibility for education assistance in all cases.

Students receiving benefits under Ch. 30 or Ch. 1606 of the Montgomery GI Bill® must verify their enrollment on the VA website each month on the Department of Veterans Affairs W.A.V.E website.

Adding, dropping or withdrawing from classes will impact VA benefits eligibility. Any changes to enrollment must be document through the Certification Request Form.

Avoiding overpayments

An overpayment is an incorrect benefit payment that is more than the amount to which you are entitled. If you promptly notify the VA of changes affecting your benefits, you can prevent or reduce overpayments.

In addition, use reasonable judgment when you accept and cash a check. Carefully read all letters from the VA about the monthly rates and effective dates of your benefits. If you think the amount of a payment is wrong, contact the VA before using funds from the payment. The VA will tell you how to return your incorrect payment. If you cash a check for the wrong amount, or receive an incorrect deposit into your back account, you will be liable for repayment of any resulting overpayment.

For chapter 33 students, if VA makes an excess payment of tuition and fees to the business off you will be liable for repayment of the excess amount.

Tutoring Assistance

Free tutoring is available to students at Reynolds who are currently enrolled in the credit courses they list on the request for tutoring application. For tutoring assistance, contact the Tutoring Services s. For Math coaching and support, contact Math Central+.

Guest student

A supplemental letter from the parent school or "Guest/Parent" letter is needed before we can start the process for certification. The Certificate of Eligibility with the college presently-attended listed. Students must submit a Request for Certification for your classes at Reynolds. Failure to do so will delay funding.