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Faculty Challenge Awards


“Faculty Challenge” Awards
are presented each year to individual faculty members or to teams of faculty members who successfully develop innovations or other solutions designed to assist Reynolds in the achievement of specific strategic goals and objectives in response to challenges identified by the President’s Executive Cabinet. The challenges may originate from a variety of sources, including the Executive Vice President’s (EVP) Team, Reynolds Leadership Council, Council of Deans, Planning Committee, Faculty Senate, or other Reynolds committees, organizational units, or constituency groups.  All proposed challenges must be submitted to and approved by the President’s Executive Cabinet.  Completed initiatives must be submitted for review by the Faculty Reward and Recognition Committee and to the President’s Executive Cabinet by the corresponding pre-established deadlines in order for the faculty member(s) to become eligible to receive a Faculty Challenge Award.


How do I apply for a Faculty Challenge Award?
By March 1 each year, the President’s Executive Cabinet will approve Faculty Challenge topics for the ensuing academic year and the Vice President of Academic Affairs will issue a call for applications.  A faculty member or a team of faculty members wishing to be considered for a Faculty Challenge Award must submit a completed application form, either electronically or in hard copy, as instructed in the call for applications.


The Faculty Reward and Recognition Committee coordinate a review of the applications by the Executive Vice President’s Team and the President’s Executive Cabinet.  In collaboration with the Executive Vice President’s Team and the President’s Executive Cabinet, the Faculty Reward and Recognition Committee will identify the applications that are approved and will authorize the applicants to proceed with the approved projects.

How are completed Faculty Challenge projects assessed and award recipients chosen?
The Reward and Recognition Committee, in collaboration with the President’s Executive Cabinet and the college committee, organizational unit, or constituency group from which the challenge originated, will establish deadlines for submission of completed projects and will arrange for judging activities.  Projects will be judged based upon the merits of the innovation or solution  and the extent to which objectives were attained.  Judging activities may occur throughout the year.  By May 1, the Faculty Reward and Recognition Committee will identify those applicants, subject to the approval of the president, who are to receive a Faculty Challenge Award and will coordinate communications with the Office of Human Resources and other units of the college, as needed, for the purpose of notifying recipients and bestowing the awards.


What will Faculty Challenge Award winners receive?
The nature and value of Faculty Challenge Awards may vary from year to year and are to be determined by the Faculty Reward and Recognition Committee. In general, however, the Faculty Challenge Award is to be of significant monetary value and is expected to be offered in the form of a bonus or in the form of professional development support, at the discretion of the recipient.


The monetary value of each Faculty Challenge Award will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the nature of the project being awarded and the number of contributors to the project.  Typically, the monetary value of each Faculty Challenge Award is expected to be between $400 and $1,500. Recipients of the Faculty Challenge Award are responsible for any tax liabilities associated with acceptance of this award.

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