Reynolds Community College offers several ways for you to get started on your college career while you're still in high school. To take advantage of these sweet opportunities, students should begin preparing in middle school (or junior high):

• Take Algebra-I in middle school or take the highest math level you can.
• Take any other high school level classes offered at your middle school.
• Attend information sessions for these programs early.
• Talk to your school counseling office to discuss the options available at your high school.

Here's a snapshot of what Reynolds offers:

College Classes at Your High School
Juniors and seniors can take college-level classes at their high school that fulfill both high school and college requirements. Classes can transfer to a four-year college or prepare you for a career. Talk to your guidance counselor to see if your school participates in Dual Enrollment with Reynolds.

College Classes Online

Juniors and seniors can complete about a year's worth of college credits online.
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College Classes at Reynolds
Interested in taking a class that your high school doesn't offer? High school juniors and seniors can take Reynolds classes online or on any campus. Unlike Dual Enrollment, these classes will count only toward college credit, and may be transferable. Follow the Steps for Admission for Concurrent Enrollment.

Career and Technical Courses
Career and technical courses are available that offer high school juniors and seniors valuable skills that prepare you for work. Talk to your guidance counselor to find out if your school participates, and the career and technical classes that could be available to you.

Options for Homeschooled Students
Dual Enrollment, Concurrent Enrollment, and the Reynolds Early College Academy are available to homeschooled students. To find out if one of these options works for you, please call (804) 523-5029.

Finish High School with a College Degree
Join a group of students who will earn a two-year associate degree and graduate high school at the same time. Ask your counselor if your high school offers a Reynolds Advance College Academy program or the Early College Academy.