Getting involved in student groups is an exciting way for students to meet fellow students, develop leadership skills and enhance their classroom experiences. By planning or participating in on-campus activities, students can help make a positive impact at Reynolds. Check out upcoming Student Club & Organization events and activities.

Students who do not find a club or organizations that interests them can work with the Office of Student Life to request a new student club or organization (see process outlined below).

Anime Club

The Anime Club introduces Japanese animation to members, other students and staff. Club members lead group discussions about topics of choice and select an anime show to watch from what members bring in or show from paid internet site. For more information, please contact Hong-ye Huang at

Basketball Club Sport

The Basketball Club is welcome to all who wish to practice, compete, and enjoy the sport of Basketball. The meets weekly at the Reynolds Gym on the Parham Road Campus. For more information, please contact Tyree Flowers at

Gaming Club

The Gaming Club is open to students interested in gaming and finding a space to connect with other gamers. For more information, please contact Jake Harrison at

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the internationally recognized academic honor society for two-year and junior colleges. This club provides its members with opportunities in leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service. For more information, please visit or contact Professor Kim Hasley at

Soccer Club Sport

The Soccer Club is welcome to all who wish to practice, compete, and enjoy the sport of Soccer. The meets weekly at the Parham Road Campus from August - October (in the fall) and March - April (in the spring). For more information, please contact Tyree Flowers at


Spectrum at Reynolds Community College is a club that is open to all students. Its purpose is to create a safe and hospitable learning environment for everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The club is a social, educational, and advocacy group open to anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ or Ally. For more information, please contact Professor Karen Neal at

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association advocates on behalf of the student body for issues and topics of interest to students at Reynolds. SGA consists of elected and appointed members. Every August/September applications are available for elected and appointed positions. Terms run October through April. For more information, please contact Dr. Ben Cowman at

Student Veterans Association

The Student Veterans Association provides a social group and support structure to help veterans adjust to and become successful in civilian and college life. For more information, please contact Chequana Boisseau at

Student Club & Organization Forms


Starting a New Student Club/Organization

  1. Submit a Consultation Request & Meet with Director of Student Life to discuss the mission and goals of the request must be completed by students who will serve as officers.
  2. Have at least 4 active student members, and sufficient officers to fulfill the mission (at least President and Vice President).
  3. Find an advisor. All student clubs and organizations must have an advisor. The advisor must serve as a full-time faculty or staff member at Reynolds Community College to sponsor the organization. Adjunct or part-time staff members may serve as a co-advisor with a full-time faculty/staff member
  4. Complete an Organization/Club Constitution. Student Life staff will support officers and advisor with a guide and samples. The Constitution addresses why the organization is being formed and how the organization will be run.
  5. Attend the Student Club & Organization Training facilitated by the Student Life Staff who will review the Handbook, expectations, procedures on how to hold an event/meeting, how to request funding, etc. At least two executive board officers and the advisor must attend. Trainings are held at least once each semester, and on an as-needed basis.
  6. Lastly, the Office of Student Life will assess all submitted documents and requirements met. If all requirements are met, the Director of Student Life and Dean of Students will review for final approval.

**Students may also pursue forming a sport club using the same Consultation Request form above. Sport clubs or recreational activities have special requirements that differ from other clubs due to equipment needs, eligibility criteria, and the potential for injury.**